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How ThinkOn scaled their company with Humi

Implemented Humi since 2020
Employees 110
Location Etobicoke, Ontario
Industry IT Managed Service Provider

ThinkOn Inc. is a cloud service provider dedicated to solving complex data problems with its portfolio of secure and scalable turnkey Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions and data services. In February 2020, the only HR role at ThinkOn was vacant – and had been for just under three months – but the company was ready to scale. 

The challenge

When Beth first filled ThinkOn’s vacant role as the Human Capital Manager, the company had just over 30 employees. Beth had to quickly figure out what she would tackle first and the biggest challenges she ran into were the time-consuming tasks related to manually updating excel spreadsheets and chasing down managers to get accurate information about their employees.

“There was no central location to track the employee journey and report in real time. At any given time, we didn’t know how many employees were with ThinkOn, how long employees have been with us, and what their growth at the company was. Performance management was also inconsistent – some managers did it, others opted out.”

Tracking vacation time was another pain point for Beth. There was no consistent way for her to keep track because each manager would have their own spreadsheet and process for tracking.

“You couldn’t easily find who was off and when. The toughest part was trying to figure out how many vacation days people had left for the year.”

While Beth tackled these challenges, she also hired on a co-op student, Lauren, who is now working at ThinkOn full time and owns the recruitment process.

“Recruiting is really difficult right now. Talent is getting scooped up so quickly and we couldn’t move fast enough because everything was manual.”

The solution

Beth knew she needed a tool to help her stay organized – something that she could easily and quickly access to get accurate information. She was looking for a tool that could host everything including employee data, tracking time off, training documents, surveys, performance, and more. She also knew that as ThinkOn scaled, the chosen HRIS would have to grow with them.

“I explored BambooHR as an option but quickly realized that I needed software that was built for Canadian businesses and not a generic one. Humi understands time off tracking across Canada and I like knowing that I can add in other modules like payroll down the line when I need them.”

The results

It’s been just over a year since Beth joined and ThinkOn has grown to over 100 employees.

“I used to dread being asked questions about employee numbers and their statuses but reporting has become a breeze because everything is already in Humi. It’s so easy to quickly pull historic or current information. Could you imagine manually tracking everything for over 100 employees?”

As for recruiting, Lauren beamed about the different features she’s leveraged. When asked which part she liked most, she shared: 

“I love the whole recruiting module! It’s hard to pick just one feature that I like the most because I rely heavily on all of them – from posting jobs to the hiring funnels to automated emails and right into onboarding. I also love that everything is one click away in Humi. Other platforms typically take 3-4 clicks and it gets pretty exhausting when you’re managing dozens of roles and hundreds of applicants.”

When asked what life looks like now with Humi, Beth shared:

“Life before Humi versus now is the difference between day and night! ThinkOn has grown so rapidly and there is no way we could have managed the HR component of growth without an efficient HRIS.” 

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