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Proudly independent. Any plan, from any carrier.

Your benefits advisor, with superpowers.

Most benefits advisors are the same. They spend years building relationships, but for the most part their services are commoditized. Humi is the first-of-its-kind, pairing employee benefits with its HR and Payroll software. The result is an incredibly integrated experience.

Employee benefits software

High-tech employee benefits, with a human touch.

Despite bringing a new spin to the employee benefits industry, Humi works hard to retain the human touch that brokers have built their businesses on for decades. Your Humi benefits team will be there for you at every step of the way, ensuring that you get the right coverage and perks for your people.

Humi benefits team

Unify Benefits with HR & Payroll.

Once you've unified your HR, Benefits and Payroll, it's hard to imagine how you ever lived with them separated. From enrolment and deductions impacting payroll, to hiring and firing impacting enrolment, it's common sense that these three systems should speak. With Humi's All-In-One, now they do.

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Powerful features to help you drive impact.

Works With Any Carrier
Health Spending Accounts
Digital Benefits Cards
Benefits Digest Report
Employee Data Sync
Hands-On Renewals
Data Driven Brokerage
Benefits Reporting
Employee Benefits Profiles
Multiple Plan Levels
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HR Software

Single source of truth for employee data

Drive impact with deeply powerful, yet budget-friendly HR Software. Simplify the tedious tasks, then focus on getting the most out of your people.

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"Humi has met all of our needs while giving us the peace of mind that information is safe and secure. The support team is reactive and insightful. The combination is these things is something you don’t often come by."

Iram Sutar
BUILD IT By Design
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Pay employees in 3 clicks

Pay employees, remit taxes, and keep sharp records. Seamlessly integrated with the rest of our platform, so you don't waste time with dual entry.

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"Having Humi from day 1 has helped us to do HR properly, before we even had a formal HR department."

Mike Murchison
Ada Support
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