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How Bitbuy doubled their team with Humi

Implemented Humi since 2021
Employees 85
Location Toronto, Ontario
Industry Fintech

Bitbuy is renowned as the first and only Canadian crypto firm to be both a licensed marketplace and restricted dealer. They are one of Canada’s largest and most trusted cryptocurrency platforms by active users and daily trading volume. Offering 10+ digital currencies, top-notch security, convenient funding options, and unmatched customer service, they keep themselves pretty busy.

The crypto powerhouse needed to grow their team to keep up with the high demand, so in March 2021, Bitbuy invested in their first HR role to take their company to the next level.  

The challenge

When Nicole Shea, HR Manager at Bitbuy, first joined the company in March 2021, she was a one-woman show. The team was sitting at 45 employees and Nicole was responsible for managing the entire employee lifecycle – recruiting, onboarding, retention, total rewards, and offboarding. She needed to get her processes down quickly to scale, but she couldn’t afford errors and lost time to spreadsheets and information existing across different systems. 

"There are just less moving pieces you need to keep top of mind. There's also less margin for error when you use an HRIS system like Humi compared to using a spreadsheet.”

Another pain point for Nicole was support. While previously used systems like Hibob were user-friendly, they lacked the extra attention she and her team needed to do great work. 

“Hibob is a great HRIS system. The only thing that they were lacking in was support… Whenever I need help now I just email Humi support and then add Mackenzie on it.”

The solution

As a team of one who was responsible for laying the foundation for HR, Nicole needed an easy-to-use software that would allow her to focus on expanding the Bitbuy team and building processes to sustain a great workplace culture. She was looking for a tool that would streamline her HR processes, reduce error, and help her keep track of her people, with the right support as needed.  

“I would say it's an employee file on a one-stop shop for everything employee-related.”

The results 

In just eight months, Bitbuy has doubled their team to 85 employees with a near 0% turnover rate. 

“We've been using Humi to scale very quickly and the intention is to continue in the new year.”

When it comes to hiring, Nicole says Humi’s applicant tracking system has made it seamless for hiring managers to recruit across the company. 

“The ATS has been really helpful because we're hiring across so many different teams and each role has a different set of hiring managers. I am very grateful for the fact that this is in Humi because if I had to onboard hiring managers to a separate ATS for the hiring that we're doing, that would take me a lot of time.”  

“Everything is very easy to use and basically takes no explaining. I had one hiring manager that works really quickly and doesn’t wait for anyone. I booked some time with him to go over the recruiting process and by the time the meeting rolled around, he had already learned it himself.”

Nicole is now getting the support she needs, connecting with our Customer Experience team whenever she needs a helping hand. 

“Mackenzie’s amazing. She was such a breeze to work with. We love talking to her, even still. She's built a really great relationship with us and she was super helpful in the whole process too.” 

When asked what she’s been able to accomplish with the time she’s gained, Nicole shared:

“I have more time to work on bigger picture projects and make sure that I'm getting to do the things that I'm actually brought in to do, rather than checking over papers and bugging people to complete things.”
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