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Reduce duplicate data entry with a fully integrated payroll platform.
Stay compliant using a payroll software built for Canadians.
Improve the payday experience for both you and your employees.
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Integrated Payroll

Get accurate payroll processing when you connect payroll and HR.

Reduce duplicate data entry and manual errors with one integrated platform for your payroll software and HR data – complete with start and termination dates, vacation usage, and benefits enrollment, so you have the most up-to-date information to accurately run payroll.


Set up your payroll for automatic calculations.

Stay on top of workers’ compensation (WCB/WSIB) and employer payroll taxes (EPT/EHT). Automatically calculate remittances when running payroll and generate detailed reports so you know what you must file and remit to the applicable governing bodies.

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Improve the employee payroll experience.

With our self-service payroll software, employees can access their digital pay stubs straight from the Humi platform and/or mobile app, with detailed information on deduction breakdowns, vacation accruals, and more. Employees can view and manage their own payroll information (e.g. updating their banking information), so you won’t have to field as many questions.


Process payroll for hourly employees.

  • Set up multiple concurrent compensations to pay employees with different hourly rates.
  • Record hours worked for insurable income types, to be displayed on employees’ pay stubs and ROEs.
  • Choose between accruing and banking vacation pay dollars to be paid out when an employee takes vacation, or pay out accrued vacation pay with every payroll.

Unlimited pay runs

Run payroll whenever you need to.

Run an off-cycle payroll without worrying about any surprises in your billing – unlimited pay runs mean you have the flexibility to create pay schedules based on your business’ needs.


Keep your books up-to-date and accurate with records and reporting.

Use our records and reporting feature to get a complete history of your payroll records, flag errors and discrepancies, make adjustments, and generate a payroll digest for your accountant.


Get help from certified payroll experts.

In need of more than just payroll software? Our Managed Payroll offering gives busy business owners access to payroll experts that can act as a full-time payroll administrator. From consultations, to audits, to best practices, to actually setting up and running your payroll – this service offering gives you everything you need to pay your employees easily.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Humi Payroll the right choice for your business?

Humi Payroll is a software built by Canadians for Canadian businesses, with a Canadian tax engine; so we understand your specific needs, especially when it comes to compliance and audits. We combine your payroll and HRIS into one platform, eliminating the need for multiple logins and dual entry. Our goal is to improve the overall payroll experience for both your HR and finance teams, as well as employees (i.e. through self-service and digital pay stubs).

What is included with Humi Payroll?

The Humi Payroll software includes:

  • Automatic CRA remittances, T4 and ROE generation, and EHT calculations
  • Payroll history, records and reporting
  • Direct deposit and digital pay stubs
Do I have to purchase all Humi modules to use Humi Payroll?

No - we recommend purchasing only what you need. Start lean with Core HR and Humi Payroll, then add more as you need!

Does Humi charge per pay run?

We charge on a monthly basis and not per pay run (like most payroll softwares). With Humi, you have the flexibility to create a pay schedule that works best for your people.

What’s Humi’s run-by schedule?

Typically, four days – but we can do three days if required.

Pay your employees on time, every time with Humi.
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