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Spend less time on time off.

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Make time off a team effort.

Tracking vacation or sick days doesn't have to be a messy, disorganized, paper-based process. Wouldn't it be nice if there was one system where employees could quickly request time off? With Humi, you can make requesting time off simple (with no approval required) or support a complex approval structure with multiple stakeholders.

time off manager

Approve requests over email.

When someone requests time off, you can approve or deny the request right in the email.

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Create any time off policy.

Does your time off policy involve seniority accrual bonuses? We've got you covered. Annual carryover with a cap and expiry date? No problem. Whatever your policy, Humi makes it easy to bake it in and make it transparent, so employees always know where they stand.

employee vacation tracking software

Report on time off, easily.

With all your time off data in one place, reporting and analytics are made simple. At year-end, you'll want to see the year-in-review to look at usage and excess accruals. Throughout the year, your employees can see what they've used and how much time off they have left.

absence tracking system

Book time off anytime, anywhere.

Woke up sick and can't get out of bed? Just tell the app you're sick for the day!

Integrate time off with your calendar.

When someone's time-off request is approved, their time off is automatically added to your calendar.

Humi's Time Off software - Google Calendar Ingegration

Create any approval flow.

No matter how complicated your time off approval flow is, we've got you covered. You can create any approval flow and assign it to a specific leave type.

Humi's Time Off software - Approval Flow


Powerful features to help you drive impact.

Track Vacation Leave
Flexible Time Off Policies
Expiring Time Off Accruals
Vacation Calendar Feeds
Leave Time Reporting
Email Alerts & Approvals
Multiple Approval Levels
Team Absence Reminders
Seniority Accrual Bonuses
Beautiful Visualizations
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