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How Humi helped Brendan, Delta Growth co-founder, build solid HR practices

Implemented Humi since 2019
Employees 15
Location Toronto, Ontario
Industry Agency
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Delta Growth isn’t your typical SEO, paid search, and paid social agency. Brendan puts a lot of energy into creating a work environment where employees aren’t expected or feel pressured to work the usual 60-70 hour “agency life” workweeks. He doesn’t believe in deck-building at two in the morning or who can skip the most lunches to work. Instead, Brendan wants to create a workplace where employees feel empowered to do great work and learn new skills.

The challenge

As Delta Growth continues to grow their business in Toronto, it was clear to Brendan that he needed a flexible HRIS to help him manage his HR needs so that he could get back to focusing on building a great place to work. With information scattered across different spreadsheets and systems, it was difficult and time-consuming to easily and accurately pinpoint what he needed. Brendan needed a platform that would be able to help him manage his employee information, track vacation days, and a performance management system.

“Being able to easily pull up accurate employee information is important but tough when I don’t know exactly where it is. Even more so, vacation tracking using spreadsheets was a pain."

"We have an odd payroll cycle where it’s twice a month versus biweekly so it’s not consistent. It took a lot of time  to calculate vacation days and as the company grows, I can’t afford to spend even more time to calculate and validate the accuracy.”

The solution

As a co-founder who led all things HR, payroll, budgeting, recruiting and more, Brendan needed a platform that would save him time. Brendan was looking for a software that would house all of his employee data, streamline HR tasks, and be easy to use. 

“Aside from being Canadian, which we wanted to support, UX was also really important to us. Humi’s UX seemed to be a lot better than BambooHR, especially for an agency like us who is also in the tech space. I knew that Humi would save me time which is in very short supply these days.“

The results

Brendan has saved a lot of time since he started using Humi HR in June 2019. Humi has supported Delta Growth before and throughout the pandemic. Brendan believes that workplace culture is not a project but the processes that you have in place. He didn’t want to invest in band aid solutions like another fun event but to really build out an iterative, long-term strategy.

“With Humi, we were able to build out strong, foundational HR practices like regular check-ins and performance reviews. Vacation tracking was also taken care of so that freed up a lot of my time to focus on extra training like professional development and building out a mentorship program.”

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We recommend Humi as the HRIS for all of our clients. Our entire team loves the product – it makes launching a new system to our clients easy and seamless. On top of that, they are constantly improving and upgrading the features so we spend less time worrying about the admin side of things, and more time on strategic HR!
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