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Why Humi is Get It Done HR’s go-to recommendation for an HRIS

Implemented Humi since 2021
Employees 3+
Location Vancouver, British Columbia
Industry HR Consulting

Starting up HR at a company is no easy feat. Olivia Watt, Senior People and Culture Advisor of Get It Done HR, is fully aware of this, but she also understands the positive impact it can have on a company – which is why she’s passionate about helping companies get the HR ball rolling. Alongside Johanna Skitt, owner and founder, Get It Done HR sets businesses of all sizes up for success through HR strategizing, implementation, and training. 

Their go-to platform recommendation? None other than Humi.

The challenge

When helping businesses grow, Get It Done HR knew they needed one system that could take care of all things HR for clients: employee records, time off, payroll, benefits, and more. Olivia and Johanna knew that many of their clients might not have the resources for a full HR department, so they’d need an HRIS that could help them do it all. 

“Usually we work with startup companies that need an HRIS system, and help with getting payroll, benefits, everything in place, so that’s when we recommend Humi.”

The solution

Johanna brought Humi to the table in March 2021 – and the team hasn’t looked back since. Today, when working with clients to set up HR, Humi is their first recommendation. Olivia recounts that they’ve worked with clients on a few other platforms, but Humi is still their go-to.

“There are a lot of competitors out there, but we don’t normally recommend others unless a company requests that we give them three or four options. But usually, we just go in and say, ‘This is the one that we suggest, this is what it can do for you.’”

Get It Done HR names Humi’s functionality and easy implementation as huge factors for why Humi is their number one choice when recommending a platform.

“It’s very functional; so if you’re a start-up company… it has everything all-in-one, and it’s just an easy thing to implement. Also, implementing Humi is so simple compared to implementing other HRISes, which can take months on months… Humi we can do, if we had to, within a week.” 

They also speak to how transparent Humi is, and how amazing the support they receive is when reaching out with questions from their clients. 

“Humi is really transparent with what they can do. They never pretend to be something they’re not – you’re not selling us on things you don’t have. It never feels sales-y at all. And there’s great customer service, you can reach out whenever and you get a reply from an actual person within a few hours.”

The result

After having implemented Humi with numerous clients, and specifically startups, Get It Done speaks to how much time they’re now saving using an all-in-one platform. 

“Being a startup, what you need to focus on is the big picture, so you can’t focus on processing benefits or payroll, and Humi does it automatically – it’s a huge time saver.”

Get It Done also speaks to how much time they, themselves, save using Humi with their clients. Recruiting, and namely, Humi’s Indeed integration, is one thing that saves a lot of effort. 

“Recruiting is huge. You just post a job, then it’s in Indeed, and everything comes back to Humi – all the emails, everything’s in there. That saves a ton of time.”

Employee engagement is another area that Get It Done finds they save a lot of time. Rather than using Google Forms or Microsoft Forms, or even SurveyMonkey, they prefer using Humi. And of course, the payroll and benefits modules are game-changers for their clients. 

“Payroll – we couldn’t imagine doing payroll without Humi. It’s a huge time-saver. We don’t really have to do too much, Humi does it all. And the benefits piece of it too. Being able to go in when you onboard someone and just add them to benefits is also very time-saving.”

When asked which module helps them really sell Humi as a platform to their clients, Get It Done mentions a piece that’s often forgotten: onboarding. 

“We really sell it with onboarding. It’s so seamless. Onboarding really gets left on the backburner… so being able to go into Humi, add an employee, and everything is done through there, that’s really where we start.”

Get It Done was happy to share that when talking about Humi with their clients, ultimately, they hone in on how much time and effort they’ll save using the platform. 

“We usually say, ‘This is an all-in-one system. You can move away from Excel spreadsheets, from emailing constantly, from Slack… it’s all there. Your onboarding is going to be more seamless. You’re going to save a ton of time.’ That’s usually how we word it.”
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We recommend Humi as the HRIS for all of our clients. Our entire team loves the product – it makes launching a new system to our clients easy and seamless. On top of that, they are constantly improving and upgrading the features so we spend less time worrying about the admin side of things, and more time on strategic HR!
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