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Humi is Canada's free, complete HR solution. Digital employee onboarding, time off tracking, benefits integration, payroll connect, and more.

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All your HR. All in one place.

Employee Management

Digitally sign new-hires, store employee documents in the cloud, and browse employees with org-chart or universal search.

Time Off Tracking

Set up time off policies, approve (or deny) employee requests for time off, and view everyone's planned leave time on one calendar.

Integrated Benefits

Automatically enroll new hires, see your plan and rates at a glance, and give employees access to their own benefits dashboard.

Payroll Connect

Payroll Connect allows you to easily ensure that any payroll-relevant changes in Humi get reflected in your external payroll system.

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Humi is free.

We make money when you make us the broker for your benefits. This isn't mandatory, but once you start using Humi you'll see the advantage in having all your HR in one place for you and your employees to access.

Companies love Humi.

Tyler Handley

CEO, Inkbox

"Our business is growing quickly, and HR isn't something we want to spend a lot of time on. Humi has made our lives much easier when it comes to hiring and onboarding as we continue to grow."

Damien VĂ©ran

CEO, SlimCut Media

"We had been looking for a modern solution to time off management, and Humi came along at just the right time. The employee management and benefits features are a fantastic added bonus."

Mike Murchison

CEO, Ada

"Having Humi from day 1 has helped us to do HR properly, before we even had a formal HR department. Digital signing of new-hires, and keeping our docs in the cloud are highlights."

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About Humi

Humi is a complete HR solution designed and built in Toronto for Canadian companies. Our mission is to make running your small to mid-sized business easier and more efficient, so you can focus on what matters most.

Features · Pricing · Testimony · Chat · About