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Our Values

People who share the same values make better teams.

Care about people’s happiness

At Humi we build systems that support people. It is therefore important that every Humigo cares about having a positive impact on peoples’ lives.

Be honest and have integrity

Operating with good intentions and transparency builds the trust that is the foundation of our business.

Respect people’s individuality

Every person is different. It is our responsibility to acknowledge, encourage, and empower everyone to be themselves.

Always strive to improve

Humi’s success will largely be determined by our ability to continually improve every aspect of how we operate.

Take ownership seriously

Few businesses have either the inherent or potential impact as broad or significant as Humi, requiring that we take the ownership of our responsibilities, actions, and outcomes very seriously.

Perks & Benefits

We take good care of you, so you can take good care of our clients.

Life at Humi

Find more than work at Humi.

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI)

At Humi, one of our core values is respecting people's individuality. We recognize everyone comes from different backgrounds and lived experiences, and this is why we are committed to creating a space that is equitable, diverse, and inclusive – and also where everyone feels that they belong. For more on what EDI looks like at Humi, check out our blog post from our Manager of Experience & Culture!


Humi’s social committee plans company-wide events that Humigos can participate in in-person and/or remotely. Each department also has their own team building budget for different activities, like going to an escape room or paintballing.

As a Humigo, you have the ability to introduce interest groups too. To list a few, we have our very own band, The Humigos, who are actually very good and have even played some live shows in town. We have a book club, an at-home workout group, a foodies group, and a variety of intramural sports teams.


We encourage our fellow Humigos to give back to the community by using their paid volunteer days. As a team, we also get together and choose a local charity to support and give back to each year.

We’re Great Place to Work-Certified.

We put our people first so we can help Canadian businesses do the same.

Humi’s commitment to creating a workplace of inclusivity and belonging empowers every Humigo to bring their most authentic, energetic, and amazing selves to work every day. We put our people first so we can help Canadian businesses do the same.

Let’s build the future of work, together.

At Humi, we see how experience comes in different forms and how these experiences make different organizations great. We are committed to adding new ideas and diversity of thought to our teams. If your experience is relevant to what we’re looking for, please consider applying.

Please note that all successful candidates will only receive offers through the Humi platform and we do not issue offers outside of our platform. We do not make any offers of employment via social media or text message. Please see our resource library for best ways to detect fraud and fraudulent activity.