About Us

We're a group of builders and boundary-pushers. We build tools that help Canadian organizations foster their most valuable asset –their employees. We're building the company of our dreams and helping our clients do the same.

Our Story

Where we came from, and why we exist.

In 2016, Humi started as a simple cloud-based web app that stored employee data. Four years later, thanks to the tremendous support from customers and investors, we became the leading all-in-one HR solution for Canadian businesses by supporting them in two other key areas – employee benefits and payroll.

Long gone are the days when businesses can thrive while treating employees as simply cogs in a machine.

Businesses need to act on the fact that employees are their most valuable asset, and healthy and happy employees produce far better work. A company's people should feel safe and supported at work and ready to bring their best selves. People should be able to take vacations and personal days when needed. People should feel encouraged by their employers to make their health a priority.  People should be acknowledged and rewarded for jobs well done. People should be able to develop meaningful relationships at work and feel like they can trust their peers. 

Companies have the responsibility to take good care of their people. We believe companies that take good care of their people will be cared for by their people.  And yes, we understand that it’s not an easy feat.

That’s why we exist. We exist to make the lives of businesses and their employees easier, so they can take good care of one another.

Our Investors

Top VCs and Angels from Canada and the US
Sherpa Capital

Top Silicone Valley VC, early investor in Uber and Airbnb.

Y Combinator

The world's top seed-stage investor and accelerator.

500 Startups

Early-stage venture fund and seed accelerator.

Funders Club

The world's first online VC firm, founded in March 2012.

Garage Ventures

A top Canadian seed and early-stage venture capital fund.

Liquid 2 Ventures

SV based seed stage fund with partners Joe Montana, Mike Miller and Michael Ma.

Struck Capital

Invests in Seed and Series A venture companies led by visionary technologists.

La Tourelle Capital

Incredibly hands-on and helpful Canadian seed-stage fund.

Tribe Capital

Early stage venture capital firm focused on recognizing and amplifying early stage product-market fit.