This is Humi.

Refusing to accept the status quo of managing people operations using spreadsheets or clunky HRIS platforms, we saw the need to revolutionize the HR industry. So, we built a solution that is supportive, uncomplicated, and most importantly, people-focused. We’re building a company that believes people perform better when they’re happier, and we’re empowering our clients to do the same.

Words from Humigos
Victoria Watt
Client Success Associate

The best part about Humi is the opportunity for growth. And the culture is extremely welcoming and inclusive!

Cindy Nguyen
Data Analyst

The best part about working at Humi is the learning opportunities. As a Data Analyst, I get to touch data coming from all of Humi's different products and work with an awesome Data team.

Imran Qureshi
Software Engineer

Our Engineering team here at Humi has been a great source of learning and career growth for me! I’ve been able to work with many different aspects of engineering and business, and feel that I’m continuously improving. To top it off, there’s an amazing work culture here that encourages a good work life balance!

Yasir Hashmi
Senior Software Engineer

I am excited about going to work every day. Great company to work at! They really care about the employees and it’s a fun atmosphere. The best part is having really great colleagues who are creative and always looking to help you succeed.

Hugh Saffar
Engineering Lead

Being around the most talented engineers who I can learn from and grow with, having a clear career path, and endless support from the team are just three reasons why I am proud of being on Humi's Engineering team.

Maghen Eisan
Director, Client Experience

Everyone believes in our mission, vision and values, and are dedicated to one another to do their best each day. Humi also gives you a great degree of control and freedom to take on special projects to improve existing processes and procedures, or create new ones!

Jeremy Ho
Senior Associate, Client Success

The people make all the difference at Humi – they're kind, friendly, and caring.

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Humi was founded in 2016 and started as a simple cloud-based web app that stored employee data. Six years later, thanks to the tremendous support from customers and investors, we became the leading all-in-one HR solution for Canadian businesses by supporting them in three other key areas – employee benefits, business insurance, and payroll.

We believe companies have the responsibility to take good care of their people. That’s why we exist. We exist to make the lives of businesses and their employees easier, so they can take good care of one another.

Kevin Kliman


Former dentist turned startup powerhouse, this founder's journey into tech looked a little different than others. Between co-founding Instaradio in 2012 to helping create Humi in 2015, Kevin worked as a dentist for one day a week into the first six months of Humi’s company history. Outside of being Humi’s rockstar CEO, Kevin loves spending time thinking about the future of work.

Simon Bourgeois


After spending years working at an investment bank in the midst of the last financial crisis, Simon shifted into tech in 2012 to found OneLocal before co-founding Humi in 2016. Through both businesses, Simon focused on everything from sales to finance, which helped him to shape Humi through several phases of change and growth during his time as CEO.

Drew Millington


The sales king himself – Drew is often called the bread and butter of Humi's sales strategy. While he was the CRO at Humi, he spent a lot of his time getting companies through the door. Outside of selling, he used his expertise to elevate many other key departments, including customer experience, marketing, sales, benefits, and insurance.

Matt Loszak


All things tech-whiz, Matt loves to build. From co-founding JamCam, the app that would pave the way for the social media giant TikTok in 2013, to building Humi’s very first version, Matt is constantly working to create solutions through tech. Today, Matt's using his genius mind to change the world with nuclear energy.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion at Humi

At Humi, equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) are top of mind, which is why we’ve worked on carving out and maintaining an EDI strategy for our workplace. Our commitment is to recognizing the differences that make up our people, appreciating how those differences shape their perspectives, and giving people a safe space to be who they are as individuals.

We encourage Humigos to bring their authentic selves to the table every day. Our goal is to continue improving our workplace to be an equitable and diverse one, reflective of the world we work in.