About Us

We're a group of builders and boundary pushers. We build the tools that help Canadian organizations foster their greatest asset: Their employees. We're building the company of our dreams, and helping our clients do the same.

Employees at Humi

Our Story

Where we came from, and why we exist

Founded in 2016, Humi began by pioneering a novel business model in Canada: free HR software for businesses who made us the broker for their group benefits. This enabled small companies who couldn't otherwise afford powerful HR software to have best-practice internal tools, right from the start.

Humi has now broadened its strengths, and has become the leading HR, Payroll, and Benefits solution for rapidly scaling small and medium sized businesses across Canada. Before Humi, there was no truly unified solution that tied together the intricacies of HR for SMBs. Time Off solutions didn't integrate well with Payroll. Brokers had to be manually notified of additions and terminations. Onboarding procedures were scattered across multiple, mostly manual systems. Humi resolves these inefficiencies with elegance and ease.

Our Investors

Top VCs and Angels from Canada and the US