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Annabel Youens
Appreciation Engine
“I’ve saved at least 10 hours per employee onboarding by using Humi”
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Find and recruit top talent.

Find and recruit top talent without sifting through applicants for hours. Create a dynamic job board, track potential hires through a funnel, and easily post listings to job boards and social channels.

Explore Recruiting
Humi's Recruiting software
Offer Letters
Create templates and send offers letters instantly.
Custom Job Boards
Create a custom job board that matches your employer brand.
Custom Hiring Funnels
Build multiple unique hiring funnels to fit your hiring process.
Workflow Based Auto-Emails
Send emails to applicants who are in specific hiring stages.
Email Automation
Send automated emails to candidates within the recruitment funnel.
Indeed Integration
Instantly post and sponsor jobs right from Humi.
Applicant Auto-Scoring
Automatically qualify candidates based on your requirements.
Customizable Job Postings
Create job postings based on a role's special needs.
Hiring Analytics & Reporting
Get insights into your hiring efforts.
Hiring Teams
Create hiring teams for job postings, and give them access to specific recruiting functionalities.
Onboarding Integration
Save time by hiring directly from the recruiting module.


Digitally onboard new hires in minutes.

Tame the onboarding chaos and give your employees the best first impression. Create and send digital documents, onboarding reminders, and welcome emails.

Explore Onboarding
Humi's Recruiting software

Employee Database

Your single source of truth, for everything.

The ultimate HRIS dashboard for all your employee data. Digitally onboard new-hires, securely store employee documents, and find critical information in seconds.

Explore Employees
 hris solutions for small businesses
Multiple Signature Documents
Send legally-binding documents and request signatures from multiple parties.
Digital Onboarding
Digitally onboard employees with your customized process.
Digital Signatures
Sign all documents digitally. Documents are legally binding with auto-timestamps.
Digital Documents
Digitally store employee documents, such as policies and handbooks.
Salary History Tracking
Track employee salary history.
Onboarding Tasks
Onboard new employees with a predefined checklist, assigned automatically.
Employee Welcome Emails
Send new hires a customized welcome email automatically when they onboard.
Employee Org Chart
Visualize your organization's structure easily.
Team Calendar
Keep your team in sync with a shared time off calendar.
Customizable Fields
Store custom information about employees, such as food allergies or licenses.
Custom Roles and Permissions
Give customized access to managers and employees.
Pronoun Options
Add pronouns to employee profiles which can help in creating an inclusive workplace.

Time Off Tracking

Spend less time on time off.

Track employee time off with ease. Manage time off policies, approve requests for time off, and view everyone's planned time off on one calendar.

Explore Time Off
Humi's Time Off management software
Google Calendar Integration
See employee time off right in your Google Calendar.
Humi App
Book time off straight from the app.
Track Vacation and Leave Types
Track time taken by employees, and automatically update balances.
Custom Time Off Policies
Create unique time off policies for your company.
Expiring Time Off Accruals
Timebox your accruals by adding expiration dates.
Time Off Feeds
See who's taking time off while on the homepage feed.
Time Off Balances Report
View your company's time off balances within a specific timeframe.
Email Alerts & Approvals
Get notified by email when time off requests are created and approved.
Multiple Approval Levels
Let managers approve employee time off requests before final approval.
Team Absence Reminders
When an employee requests time off, you'll be notified about the department overlap.
Seniority Accrual Bonuses
Create time off accrual bonuses based on an employee's seniority.
Beautiful Visualizations
Incredibly easy-to-understand time off information.

Performance Management

Engage and develop your employees.

Coach and develop your team to be their best. Conduct detailed 360 degree surveys, one-on-one reviews, encourage feedback, and enable strategic goal setting.

Explore Performance
360 degree reviews
Create reviews where an employee's team, managers, and peers deliver feedback to help develop the employee.
One-on-one reviews
Create reviews between an employee and their manager.
Anonymous surveys
Collect feedback from employees anonymously.
Team questionnaires
Create questionnaires for your team and get feedback.
Team and individual goals
Set goals for the team and for individual employees, and use it to evaluate performance.
Performance scores
Objectively evaluate employee performance.
Give and get feedback
Let employees give feedback to each other.
Flexible review structures
Build your own performance review structure.
Custom review templates
Build custom templates for your performance reviews.
Humi's Performance management software

HR Reporting

Turn your employee data into actionable insights.

Gain valuable insights into your company and employees with automatically generated charts, graphs, and analytics. Leverage your HRIS data to drive organizational improvements.

Explore Reporting
Auto-Generated Reports
Get your HR reports within seconds.
Powerful Custom Reports
Can't find what you're looking for in the auto-generated reports? Create a custom report using any fields from the employee profile.
Missing Data Collection
See a list of missing employee data.
Report Data Filters
Create custom filters for your reports.
Payroll Digest Report
List of employee payroll information that you should sync with your payroll provider (if you don't use Humi Payroll).
One-Click Exports
Export your HR data as CSV files.
Humi's Reporting software

Training Tracker

Track employee training, easily.

Store training information, see the status of training programs, get notified about pending trainings before they're overdue, notify employees when a training needs to be done.

Explore Training Tracker
Humi's Recruiting software

Asset Tracker

Stay on top of your company assets.

Track company computers, keycards, phones, and more, all side by side with the rest of your HR data.

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Pay your employees on time, every time.

Pay employees, remit taxes, and keep sharp records. Seamlessly integrated with the rest of our platform, so you won't waste time with dual entry.

Journal Entry Reports
Easily add your payroll history to your financial statements.
Benefits Report
View and download benefits reports that show contributions over a selected period of time.
Multi-Province Payroll
Run payroll with employees in multiple provinces.
Payroll Digest For Accountants
Keep your books up to date by sending your payroll digest to your accountant.
Direct Deposit
Deposit money directly into your employees' bank accounts.
Canadian Tax Engine
Trust our tax engine designed for Canadian regulations.
Custom Pay Bonuses
Pay your employees customizable bonuses.
Automatic CRA Remittance
Automatically file CRA remittances.
Automatic T4 Generation
Automatically generate and send T4 forms to employees.
Digital Pay Stubs
Automatically generate and send digital pay stubs to employees.
Multiple Concurrent Compensations
Pay employees with multiple compensations (e.g. multiple hourly rates).
Full Payroll History
See a complete history of your payroll records, all in one place.
Employee Benefits Integration
Add benefits and deductions to your employees' pay.
Full Payroll Reporting
Create payroll register, year-to-date, remittance, and journal entry reports.
T4 Editor
Edit and issue T4s to employees.‍
Employee Health Benefits

Quality benefits, without costing a fortune.

Treat your people with the right health benefits to suit their needs. We work with all carriers to ensure you get the best coverage for your team, at the lowest cost.

Explore Benefits
Carrier Agnostic
Partner with any benefits carrier.
Health Spending Accounts
Give your employees freedom by providing a tax-free health allowance.
Digital Benefits Cards
No need to scavenge to find your important benefits information – your benefits card is held safely on Humi.
Humi Marketplace
Give your employees additional perks, without breaking the bank.
Quarterly Benefits Reports
Say goodbye to surprises at renewals. We update you on your plan usage every quarter.
Benefits Digest
A checklist of recent changes to your employees' benefits information.
Multiple Plan Levels
Create multiple levels to your benefits plan based on role, seniority, and more.
Give your people the best support today.

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Carly Holm
Founder & CEO of Holm & Company Inc.
We recommend Humi as the HRIS for all of our clients. Our entire team loves the product – it makes launching a new system to our clients easy and seamless. On top of that, they are constantly improving and upgrading the features so we spend less time worrying about the admin side of things, and more time on strategic HR!
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Appreciation Engine
Trillium College
FreshWorks Studio
Arctic Leaf