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Your single source of truth, for everything.

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Full organizational control

Give the right people access to the right information. With roles and permissions, you can manage who sees what information so that sensitive data is shown only to those who need it. New employees will love the ability to see high-level info about your whole team at a glance so that they can put names to faces on day one.
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Robust employee profiles

Make employee data management a breeze by storing anything and everything on employee profiles. The employee database also time-stamps records and allows you to send employee reminders. Sensitive info like salary is blurred until you hover over it, to help keep your employee data secure.
employee database management, employee database management software

Keep the whole team in sync

Never miss an employee’s birthday or work anniversary again. Keep track of vacation and sick days in one single view. With our calendar feeds, you and your employees can see important dates right on your native calendars.
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Offboarding Tasks
Offboard employees with a predefined checklist.
Multiple Signature Documents
Send legally-binding documents and request signatures from multiple parties.
Digital Onboarding
Digitally onboard employees with your customized process.
Digital Signatures
Sign all documents digitally. Documents are legally binding with auto-timestamps.
Digital Documents
Digitally store employee documents, such as policies and handbooks.
Salary History Tracking
Track employee salary history.
Onboarding Tasks
Onboard new employees with a predefined checklist, assigned automatically.
Employee Welcome Emails
Send new hires a customized welcome email automatically when they onboard.
Employee Org Chart
Visualize your organization's structure easily.
Team Calendar
Keep your team in sync with a shared time off calendar.
Customizable Fields
Store custom information about employees, such as food allergies or licenses.
Custom Roles and Permissions
Give customized access to managers and employees.
Pronoun Options
Add pronouns to employee profiles which can help in creating an inclusive workplace.

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