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How to Build an Effective Team With Organizational Psychology and Coaching

In the workplace, your employees are your greatest assets, yet not all managers are well-equipped to manage them and build effective teams. This can lead to unproductive, unmotivated, and unhappy employees. That’s where organizational psychology can come into play. By applying these principles, leaders can study dynamics and learn to resolve issues that may be hindering team effectiveness. Join us on October 29th where Lucy Born, Registered Psychotherapist and CEO of Inward, will teach you organizational psychology principles to help you build effective teams.
What you’ll learn
  • 10 key tools of organizational psychology to help build effective teams
  • Why you should create leaders who understand how to effectively coach
  • Why effective communication and leadership within teams is important
  • Answers to any of the questions you send in!
Lucy Born
Simon Bourgeois
Date & Time
2:00 pm
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About the Speakers
Lucy Born

Lucy is CEO of Inward, focused on providing one-on-one coaching and therapy services to help employees reach their potential inside and outside of work. She is a certified coach and registered psychotherapist who has worked with Fortune 500 companies and global organizations, along with the Canadian Government to help individuals excel, overcome challenges and improve their wellbeing.

Lucy is a member of the Ontario Association of Mental Health Professionals and the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. She has a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, along with a Bachelor of Commerce with a focus on Human Resources & Organizational Behaviour from the Sauder School of Business. She has studied Organizational Leadership at the Vienna University of Business and Economics and Nutrition Optimization at Cornell University. Lucy specializes in helping individuals build resiliency, achieve their goals, increase productivity and improve their wellbeing.

Simon Bourgeois

Simon is one of two CEOs at Humi. He spent years working at an investment bank throughout the last financial crisis before shifting to tech in 2012; a founder at OneLocal before co-founding Humi in 2016. Through both businesses, he has focused on everything from sales to finance, and spends his time trying to navigate changes and challenges like COVID-19 at Humi.