Humi is Canada's complete HR, Benefits, and Payroll solution. Digital employee onboarding, time off tracking, benefits integration, complete payroll, and more. HR system HR software Canada Canadian (Humi Inc, Humi HR, Humi RH).

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Pay your people easily, reliably, and efficiently.

Easy to implement, Easy to use, Easy to love!! you see a theme?
Andrea Winter, Interset

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A new approach to Payroll

Payroll is usually looked at as complicated, but it doesn't have to be that way. Most payroll interfaces and systems are convoluted, strangely laid out and disorganized. While building Humi Payroll, we rethought the whole experience from the ground up. That's why our customers say it's the easiest-to-use payroll system they've ever had.

The advantage of All-In-One

Payroll is something that depends on so much else. Vacation usage, benefits enrolment, additions and terminations, and even address changes can layer-on the complexity of payroll. Humi changes this, as an All-In-One system for SMBs. You'll never look at Payroll the same way again.

A beautiful employee experience

A huge distraction for HR and Payroll admins is the steady barrage of questions. With a system that employees actually enjoy using, you'll love the extra time on your hands, and they'll love having just one place to go to for all their paystubs, vacation requests, benefits info, and more.


Powerful features to help you drive impact.

Payroll Digest For Accountants

Direct Deposit Through Humi

Canadian Tax Engine

Custom Pay Bonuses

Automatic CRA Remittance

Automatic T4 Generation

Beautiful Digital Pay Stubs

Full Payroll History

Tight Benefits Integration

Full Payroll Reporting

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