Why Humi?

We get it — choosing an HRIS is a big decision. We put together this list of frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice.

Let’s dive in

Will the transition to Humi be a tough process?

We've refined implementation to an industry-leading procedure, from 'taxi' to 'lift-off'. We're with you every step of the way, holding your hand as much or as little as you see fit.
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Are we the right size of company to get the most out of Humi?

Humi is designed for small and medium companies ranging from 5 to 200 employees. We research and develop our software to help companies grow from just a few employees, to hundreds. While we have some clients outside of these bounds, we focus primarily on solving the most common problems faced by businesses scaling within this range.

Will my employees use Humi?

One of the top concerns we hear is around employee usage. How do we know your employees will actually use Humi? It turns out 82% of employees on the platform login on a regular basis. Your employees will thank you.

How much time will I save with Humi?

The average Humi admin saves 7 hours per week. Once your HR, Payroll, and Benefits are in sync, you'll have more time to focus on engagement, retention, strategy, and culture.

What if I need help after our implementation is done?

Once you're fully implemented, the support doesn't stop there. Our talented Client Experience Team will be your guardian angels, ensuring you and your team are getting the most out of Humi. Should you need assistance, we provide hands-on support within 24 hours.

How do I convince my boss?

Big decisions require multiple stakeholders, each with their own set of priorities. Trying to convince your boss? Try pointing to retention and onboarding as areas where Humi moves the needle. 87% of our clients say they've had a positive ROI after their first year with Humi.

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