Turn employee data into actionable insights.

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Spend time acting on employee data, not pulling it together.

When all of your employee profiles are stored in one place – your HR software – pulling reports is effortless. Humi's default HR reporting generates beautiful charts that give you key insights into things like headcount history, additions, and terminations. Every chart can be filterable by date, department, and more. Export any chart to raw CSV data in a single click.

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Create custom reports to fit your company’s needs.

"Is there a way I can see a list of all full-time employees, their compensation, and their titles? Oh, and dietary restrictions." Before Humi, you'd probably scramble to do this manually, but with HR software that enables solid data management practices, you can create this report in seconds. After you've configured a custom report, it's saved for future exports. All it takes is a single click.

Your HR, payroll, and benefits reporting, unified.

Because Humi also takes care of your payroll and benefits, you'll find handy reports that help you bridge the gap between all aspects of your HR. Wondering what are current time off balances while running payroll? You'll find this and more inside the Humi Reporting module.

Time Off Balance Report in Humi

Get started with our HR reporting solution

Custom HR analytics reports in a single click – that’s what it means to switch to Humi Reporting. Key insights like headcount history, payroll, and employee benefits are automatically generated into beautiful charts that can be filtered by date, department, and more. And if you need to download your data at any point, easily export any chart to raw CSV data with the push of a button. Learn how you can effortlessly pull reports by speaking with our expert advisors

Powerful features to help you drive impact.
Auto-generated reports
Easy reporting fro your HR software within seconds.
Powerful custom reports
Can't find what you're looking for in the auto-generated reports? Create a custom report using any fields from the employee profile.
Missing data collection
Level up your data management system by easily seeing a list of missing employee data and addressing them.
Report data filters
Create custom filters for your reports.
Payroll digest report
List of employee payroll information that you should sync with your payroll provider (if you don't use Humi Payroll).
One-click exports
Export whatever you need from your HRIS software as CSV files.
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