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The protection you need, united with the rest of your business.

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Accidents happen.

Let's protect your business against uncontrollable loss.
General Liability
Protection for the basic risks of running your company.
Employment Liability
Protection from actual and frivolous allegations of wrongdoing by and between managers and employees.
Product Liability
Protection if a mistake in your product causes a financial loss to a customer.
Directors and Officers
Protection against lawsuits associated with the decisions of your founders, officers, and board members.
Data Liability
Protection for the cost of data breaches caused by mistakes, hacking, and social engineering.

Get more out of your business by operating it under a single ecosystem.

We get it. It's not easy being a business leader who wears multiple hats. You want to focus on growing your business and having a positive impact on your people, yet you're bogged down by tedious tasks like dual entry or searching for some document from ages ago.  

Your time is valuable and the little things add up. That's where Humi's all-in-one ecosystem comes in. Get more out of your business automating the tedious work and letting the system connect the dots for you.

Rest assured, there won't be surprises at renewals.

It's our job to save you money today – and in the following years. We'll make sure that your company has an insurance plan that won't cause a spike in cost at your annual renewals.

Thick or thin, we’re here for you.

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