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Stop inputting data multiple times

Inputting data twice is time consuming and mind numbing.

  • No more dual-entry thanks to integrated HR data and payroll
  • Go from recruiting right to onboarding with cross-module integrations
  • Streamline multiple signature documents with assigned signing order

All employee data at your fingertips

Say goodbye to cross-referencing data over and over again

  • Roles & permissions ensure your employees have the right level of access for documents
  • One set of accurate, updated data, stored in Canada
  • Automated email notifications to keep employees on track when filling out documents

Free up time and computer space with an all-in-one platform

Clunky software and multiple logins makes your computer slow and your day go by even slower

  • Fully integrated platform - no need to have multiple programs running at once
  • One hub and one password. Goodbye “forgot password” rituals!
  • More than just HR and payroll: unify benefits with the two to give the best to your employees

Right from the beginning, we felt that [Humi] mirrored the club's values and that's a big part of why we decided on Humi.

Adam Joiner

Humi has the basis for everything that you really need. It’s a really robust platform that offers a wide array of functionality needed for payroll processing.

I have more time to work on bigger picture projects and make sure that I'm getting to do the things that I'm actually brought in to do, rather than checking over papers and bugging people to complete things.

Nicole Shea
HR Manager

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Frequently asked questions

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How do I get started?

You’ve decided you want to explore Humi further as a potential HR, payroll, and benefits software provider. Great! Let’s get started by booking a free demo where we’ll talk through your current pain points and how Humi can help you streamline your people operations tasks so you can get back to focusing on your people strategy.

Will switching from my current system be easy?

Every switch has its complexities but our team is here to walk you through it. Have peace of mind knowing that one of our Customer Experience team will be available to help you make the switch. From building a roadmap to implementation, we’re here to help.

Do I have to buy all the modules?

While you’ll get the most out of Humi’s all-in-one platform when you purchase all of our modules, you are not required to buy all of them. We meet you where you’re at and work with your team to create the best package for your business.