Humi is Canada's complete HR, Benefits, and Payroll solution. Digital employee onboarding, time off tracking, benefits integration, complete payroll, and more. HR system HR software Canada Canadian (Humi Inc, Humi HR, Humi RH).

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We work with top Canadian companies to help them be the best they can be.

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•   100+ employees and growing
•   In the Agriculture space
•   Needed a comprehensive HRIS
•   Humi helped with inefficiencies
•   Loves Humi customer support

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•   80+ employees and growing
•   In the Event Technology space
•   Needs HRIS to grow with them
•   Saved hours of tedius work
•   Helped to shape the product

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•   50+ employees with contractors
•   In the Construction space
•   Was flooded with paperwork
•   Employees are loving Humi
•   Loves working with our brokers

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Jumping on more #saas this month! Just this week @Element_IQ is on the @trylately & @gethumi train! Thx Drew Millington for awesomeness. <3

Samuel Araki


Dec 05, 2018

Easy to implement, Easy to use, Easy to love!! you see a theme @gethumi #easyisthenewblack

Andrea Winter


Nov 29, 2016

Shout out for @gethumi. @Hubdoc can’t live without it. Super simple. Makes employee onboarding a breeze.

Jamie McDonald


Aug 31, 2017

Been using @gethumi for HR management for @Studyo and really finding it elegant and simple. New features always coming too!

Renaud Boisjoly


Mar 08, 2017

@gethumi keep up the great work! Love the experience so far!

Dexter Jagula


May 25, 2017

Officially launched @gethumi to the team today and it's going great so far! Recommend to any org looking for easy-to-use HR software.

Lisa Moore


Oct 12, 2017

Two weeks in and we are *thrilled* with @gethumi. As a small team with big biz needs, Humi is sleek, organized and revolutionizing our HR.

Jenn Dunstan


Oct 24, 2016

Launching @gethumi was a huge success thanks to their instant, helpful #customerservice! Special shout out to Evan & Karen @gethumi gurus!

Photon Control


Oct 17, 2017

...the good folks at @gethumi provide incredible support and an open mind to take their customers' needs seriously. #hris

Christine Olsen


Jun 28, 2018

Thanks @gethumi for helping manage the on-boarding of the @Taplytics team and making it a great experience for everyone!

Andrew Norris


Sep 15, 2017

We were looking for a modern HR solution to manage employee vacation time, and @getHumi came at just the right time. Highly recommended!

Damien Véran


Dec 06, 2016

Thank you @gethumi for your amazing program. @Team10net an easy, intuitive HR system and we’ve found it! #winning



Nov 06, 2017

We are officially live with our @gethumi software solution to streamline and organize our HR processes. So happy with the results!

Adi Developments


Nov 29, 2017

Having Humi from day 1 has helped us to do HR properly, before we even had a formal HR department.

Mike Murchison


Sep 15, 2016

Ya'll should check out @gethumi if you're looking to streamline your tedious HR needs. Been a huge time-saver for inkbox

Tyler Handley


Dec 05, 2016

A huge thanks to the team at @getHumi for making our HR-experience a breeze!


Dec 08, 2017

Shout out to gethumi for helping DraganflyRC streamline & organize our HR processes. Easy to use & amazing support. Highly recommended!

Draganfly Innovations


Oct 26, 2017

Hat's off to @gethumi for a great, easy, intuitive and FREE cloud based HR platform - we're growing fast & humi made it easier



Dec 28, 2016

As we grow the Planswell team, @gethumi has been amazing at speeding along the onboarding process of new hires! Thanks Humi



Apr 03, 2017

Business is all about growth and knowing your limitations. As my company expands, we have utilized help from the HR experts at @gethumi.

Raj Suppiah


Feb 09, 2018

Have been looking for new tools to help our organization run smoothly. Found some great ones including @gethumi. Helps make HR Smoothly!

Tim Bennett


Mar 31, 2017

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Humi is designed for small and medium sized companies ranging from 5 to 200 employees. We research and develop our software to help companies grow from just a few employees, to hundreds. While we have some clients outside of these bounds, we focus primarily on solving the most common problems faced by businesses scaling within this range.

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