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Simpson Seeds
  • 100+ employees and growing
  • In the Agriculture space
  • Needed a comprehensive HRIS
  • Humi helped with inefficiencies
  • Loves Humi customer support
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  • 80+ employees and growing
  • In the Event Technology space
  • Needs HRIS to grow with them
  • Saved hours of tedius work
  • Helped to shape the product
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BUILD IT By Design
  • 50+ employees with contractors
  • In the Construction space
  • Was flooded with paperwork
  • Employees are loving Humi
  • Loves working with our brokers
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Humi is designed for small and medium sized companies ranging from 5 to 200 employees. We research and develop our software to help companies grow from just a few employees, to hundreds. While we have some clients outside of these bounds, we focus primarily on solving the most common problems faced by businesses scaling within this range.

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