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Dec 16, 2021
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It’s been a bombshell of a year. While the pandemic continued to force us to adapt, we knew we had to put in work to take care of our people (yes that includes you, lovely reader). 

So, we set out to have important discussions, challenge our own understanding, and ultimately create resources to help HR leaders and employees alike feel more comfortable navigating heavy and uncomfortable topics. Here are those things.

Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI)

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Creating a workplace culture where Humigos feel comfortable and included continues to drive our people strategy here at Humi, and we want to help you do the same. 

As we develop our own equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) strategy with the help of our partner Entelechy Consulting, we’ve spent a great deal of time this year thinking about how we can help set you up for lasting change.  

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Workplace equity, diversity, and inclusion. Where do I get started?

You value equal opportunity in your workforce. You want your people to feel safe and you want diversity to be reflected from the top down. But how do you jump into that process? Whose help do you seek? How do you keep the momentum going? 

In this recorded live event, Darius Sookram, President of Entelechy, and Sneha Deokie, People & Culture Specialist at Humi, (virtually) sit down with our Director of People Operations, Andrea Bartlett, to discuss how to start and continue important EDI conversations in the workplace. 

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Defining equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in the workplace

It’s impossible to dive into your strategy and make changes without laying the groundwork. What does equity, diversity, and inclusion mean to your company and people? We help you nail it down in this article so you can make the next step in driving lasting change. Plus, five ways to improve EDI in your workplace right now.

Workplace equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) are important to my company. Where do I start?

Are you a part of the 2 in 3 hiring decision-makers (69%) who say their company has taken action to promote a more diverse and more inclusive workforce and work environment? If yes, does this include a larger equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) strategy or policy? If a video isn’t in your bandwidth right now, find out how to get started right here!

Why we hired a People & Culture Specialist (and why you should too)

We believe a great work culture is the entire employee experience, and at the heart of it lies our People & Culture Specialist, Sneha Deokie. While the role is not yet defined across Canadian workplaces, we encourage considering a culture superstar like Sneha to join your growing human resources team. Allow us to sell you on it with this blog. 

The 2021 People Report – Equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in the workplace

As you adjust to new means of work, we know you’ve been working hard to prioritize your own well-being and put people first. That’s why we set out to equip you with the right information to help you stay informed and make the right decisions heading into 2022. This is the 2021 People Report. 

In this section: EDI policies are important, but are they a priority for Canadian businesses?

The future of work

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No, we’re not talking about robots. Remote-first workplaces, shorter work days – now that’s the stuff. Have you adapted? Still overwhelmed? You know we got you either way. 

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How to manage your mental health when returning to the office

Sure, remote work is sweeping the globe, but as companies continue to make strides towards a sort of normalcy, heading back to the office in some capacity may be a thing, and it’s normal to be feeling overwhelmed. 

In this recorded live event, learn how to cope with these changes from Dr. Rachel Toledano, a registered clinical psychologist and Vice President of Clinical Services at Inkblot Therapy, and get tips on how to smoothly transition back to the office from Andrea Bartlett, Director of HR at Humi.

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In-office, completely remote, or somewhere in between?

Are you starting to have discussions about when your company is planning to return to the office? Will your company try a hybrid model, or are they going all-in with a 100% in-office plan? Perhaps you’re hearing you’ll be staying remote, forever. 

Whatever the case, we’ve laid out the perks and considerations for you in this piece – you might find some positives or challenges you hadn’t thought of when preparing for your new workspace. 

Want a productive virtual work environment? Here’s what you should be thinking about

Business on the top, whatever you got goin’ on, on the bottom – we want employers and employees to be bringing their best selves to virtual work. In this issue of Think with Humi, our Director of People Operations, Andrea Bartlett’s bi-monthly newsletter, Andrea looks at things you’ll want to discuss with your team, your leadership, and creative perks to consider integrating to build an engaging virtual work environment.

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How to launch the four day work week

If you’ve kept up, you know we recently launched long(er) weekends here at Humi. That means we close our computers at 1:00 PM EST. It’s given our people more time to exercise a healthy work-life balance, and it’s great to see what they’ve been up to with that extra time back to themselves. 

It’s getting a little lonely over here though, and we think it’s about time you join the future of work with us. In this e-book, we tell you just how to do it – checklist included.

The 2021 People Report – Work: The current and future landscape

Whether it’s wearing masks for extended periods, the constant dryness of our hands from constantly sanitizing, or not seeing coworkers on a daily basis, it’s undeniable that the way we work has changed. In this section of the 2021 People Report, we’ll explore what hiring and working looks like presently and what it should look like in the future.


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The new compensation strategy: how a retirement plan can be your secret weapon

The great resignation. The talent war. We won’t repeat ourselves, you see what’s been going down. But did you know strong compensation is one of your company’s most critical assets in attracting and retaining employees? The secret sauce, you ask? Yeah, it’s in your retirement plan. 

Connor Bays, Director of Employer Solutions at Common Wealth, virtually joins Director of People Operations at Humi, Andrea Bartlett, to discuss the whys and hows of getting creative when it comes to using retirement benefits as a key part of employee compensation.

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Pay transparency: should I tell my coworkers how much I make?

Your co-worker asks the dreaded question – “how much do you make?” The discomfort sets in. you go back and forth for a second and then you ask yourself, “should I really tell them?” Find your clarity right here. 

Attract and retain top talent with Group RRSPs

Enhance compensation, improve employee financial wellness, and build a lasting team (all for $0). It’s true – we think you should consider Group RRSPs, and we give you all the benefits in our latest issue of Beyond Benefits. 

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How to address and work to dismantle pay inequity in your workplace

Did you know Canada’s wage gap is persistent? Canadian women are still earning 87 cents for every dollar earned by men, with the gap larger for diverse and intersecting identities. We spoke to Darius Sookram, President of Entelechy, to help you evaluate how you pay your people and identify the ways to take action. 

The 2021 People Report – Compensation: cash in the bank is a necessity but employees are looking for more than a paycheque

It’s easy to compete on salaries when you’re paying at or above market because your company is able to do so but is that all it takes these days to hire and retain talent? And, what happens if you’re a growing business and can’t afford to pay at that level for every position? In this section of the 2021 People Report, we take a look at compensation packages and planning for the full employee journey.

Time off

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Navigating employee leave types: An open Q&A with an employment lawyer

Many have continued to endure significant lifestyle changes over the course of the pandemic, and ensuring your employees and your business covers their bases can be overwhelming without access to an employment lawyer.

So, in partnership with My Friendly Lawyer, Andrea Bartlett, our Director of People Operations, hosted an open Q&A session with Matthew Wise, an employment lawyer and Partner with Macdonald Sager Manis LLP, to talk through how to navigate employee leave types. Lawyer advice for free, just saying. 

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What are the different types of leave?

Government language can be a lot, so allow us to break it down for you with this one. Learn more about the most common paid and unpaid leaves, as well as additional leave types your employer may offer as an added work perk. 

How to ask your employer for an extended leave of absence

Have you ever needed to take a leave of absence from work? Think back to that time. Were you scared to ask for your employer’s permission? Why? We know how overwhelming it can be asking for a leave, especially on top of your reasoning behind it. That’s why we created a guide to take the pressure off. 

How to return to work after an extended leave of absence

While some may feel refreshed heading back to work after a leave of absence, this might not be the case for you. We want to make sure you’re getting reintegrated the right way, so we created this guide. 

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Okay, we dumped a lot of great content on you right here. Sorry? No. You’re welcome. To keep up with what we’re putting down, here’s everything you need to know: 

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