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Workplace equity, diversity, and inclusion. Where do I get started?

Building and implementing an effective equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) strategy is a significant investment of time and ongoing effort. And, the process can feel daunting. Which stakeholders should I be connecting with? How do I ensure meaningful, lasting change? ... Where do I start?

Join us and learn how to start, and continue, important EDI conversations in the workplace. This webinar is hosted by Andrea Bartlett, Director of HR at Humi and our panelists are Darius Sookram, President of Entelechy, Sneha Deokie, People & Culture Specialist at Humi.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn how equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) is great for you and great for business
  • Learn how to start and continue important EDI conversations in the workplace
  • Get tips on how to structure your conversation
  • Learn which stakeholders you should be connecting with
  • Gain best practices from leaders in EDI
Darius Sookram
Andrea Bartlett
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1:00 pm
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About the Speakers

Darius Sookram

Darius Sookram is President of Entelechy, created to empower organizations and serve communities through relationship-building, inclusion, and government relations. He is an award-winning and goal-oriented leader who cares deeply about social justice and inclusion. Darius earned a BA in political science and a Master of Arts in public policy and administration. He has held leadership roles in business, government, and post secondary institutions. As a champion for equity, diversity and inclusion he advises the City of Markham as a Chair of the Race Relations Committee, and seeks to change the stigma of refugees as Co-Chair of the Young Leaders Committee (YLC) at the United Nations High Commission for Refugees Canada.

Andrea Bartlett

Andrea is the Vice President of People at Humi. She has been a part of leadership teams in commodity trading, private equity, and in 2019, she oversaw global HR at a biopharmaceutical company during IPO. She holds an MBA from the Toronto Metropolitan University.

Andrea has worked with different leaders and leadership styles and even more HR systems. She spends her time at Humi sharing this knowledge to build a world-class product, and coaching our team in HR best practices as we scale.