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The new compensation strategy: how a retirement plan can be your secret weapon

Amidst a talent war that won’t seem to let up, strong compensation is one of your company’s most critical assets in attracting and retaining employees – and the secret ingredient could be your retirement plan. 

Tune in to learn the whys and hows of getting creative when it comes to using retirement benefits as a key part of employee compensation.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn why developing a strong employee compensation package is best for employee job satisfaction and productivity
  • Understand why 70% of Canadians are willing to forgo a pay raise for a solid retirement plan
  • Explore the key value drivers of a group retirement plan
  • Get tips on how to strengthen your employer brand through effective communications of your group retirement plan
Andrea Bartlett
Connor Bays
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About the Speakers

Andrea Bartlett

Andrea is the Vice President of People at Humi. She has been a part of leadership teams in commodity trading, private equity, and in 2019, she oversaw global HR at a biopharmaceutical company during IPO. She holds an MBA from the Toronto Metropolitan University.

Andrea has worked with different leaders and leadership styles and even more HR systems. She spends her time at Humi sharing this knowledge to build a world-class product, and coaching our team in HR best practices as we scale.

Connor Bays

Connor Bays is Director of Employer Solutions at Common Wealth. In this role, he supports Common Wealth’s plan sponsor partners in building and scaling retirement programs that have a positive impact on their members’ financial health. Connor combines his experience across multiple disciplines (including business development, community building, growth marketing, retirement research, and advisory services) to support plan sponsors and members in enhancing retirement outcomes and value-for-money. Connor also advances Common Wealth’s broader mission of expanding access to retirement security by supporting the development of new partnerships with plan sponsors and other organizations.

Connor joined Common Wealth in 2017, having previously worked at Canopy Labs. Prior to that, he managed fundraising and alumni relations for the Loran Scholars Foundation. Originally from Alberta, he is a graduate of McGill University as a Loran Scholar and Greville Smith Scholar and serves on the board of the McGill Alumni Association in Toronto.