Our 2023 highlight reel

Dec 20, 2023
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2023 has been a landmark year for us here at Humi, not just in terms of our product development, but also in our broader achievements that extend beyond our software. In this blog, we're excited to look back at all we’ve accomplished outside of our product that has defined our journey over the past year (if you’re looking for a product roundup, head here!). From strategic partnerships to prestigious awards, these milestones draw a picture of the impact we’ve cultivated both within and beyond the tech industry. 

So, grab some popcorn, hit the lights, and let’s roll Humi’s 2023 highlight reel! 

Great Place to Work (GPTW) 2023 

It’s our second year in a row earning the GPTW certification, recognizing Humi as a workplace that provides a great work culture and employee experience. While our 2023 badge may be shiny and new, one thing remains the same: it’s our rockstar Humigos that make Humi deserving of any award.

Best Workplaces in Canada between 100-199 employees

Not one, but two GPTW certifications! In 2023, we were ranked 20th on the GPTW list of Best Workplaces in Canada for companies with 100-199 employees. 

Ignition Hacks

Did we ever think the Humi office would be taken over by high school students eating spicy noodles, singing karaoke, and coding as a part of a hackathon? No. Are we happy that it happened? Absolutely! 

In August of this year, we co-hosted Ignition Hacks’s annual event at our downtown office; a hybrid hackathon that focuses on the intersection between business and technology. Supporting Ignition Hacks was more than just providing a space for us – it was about investing in the next generation of tech talent. Watching the students brainstorm, collaborate, and innovate right in our office was not only inspiring but also a reminder of the potential and passion that drives the tech industry forward. 

Canucks partnership

Surprise: we’re into hockey now! 2023 saw one of our biggest partnerships to date, as we became the Preferred Business Software Partner of the Vancouver Canucks. This partnership is a way for us to step closer to the business community present on the West Coast, and we couldn’t be more proud. 

Globe and Mail’s list of Canada’s top growing companies

For the second year in a row, we’ve made it onto the Globe and Mail’s list of Canada’s Top Growing Companies! We see it as a nod to how far we’ve come, growing fast and turning heads in the process. This recognition is all about our team's hard work, and of course, the support from our amazing clients and community. 

TechTO partnership

Another exciting partnership to come out of 2023 is the one with TechTO. This partnership aligns Humi with an influential network at the heart of Canada's tech community. We see it as more than just a collaboration; it’s about connecting, learning, and growing together with one of the leading voices in the tech scene.

Ameego Thrive 

2023 has been just as big for Ameego! In response to the ever-present challenges in the restaurant industry, Ameego launched Thrive, a solution designed for labour optimization using data. This innovative tool addresses crucial questions many restaurants face, such as optimal staff numbers, adjusting to fluctuating sales trends, and labour optimization amidst various challenges like seasonality, price changes, and high staff turnover. 

Humi app 

Here’s something from this year that many of our clients were excited about: the new Humi mobile app. Our new and improved app brought more of Humi’s functionality to people’s fingertips, like booking time off and checking pay stubs. This launch marks a pivotal step in our commitment to evolving and adapting to the needs of the modern workforce. 

Xero partnership 

There were partnerships galore in 2023, and Humi took a major step forward in streamlining payroll and accounting processes by partnering with Xero, a leader in cloud-based accounting software. By joining forces with Xero, we've enhanced our ability to provide a more seamless, efficient, and accurate financial workflow for businesses. 

National Payroll Institute (NPI) partnership 

With payroll being one of our biggest offerings, we were super thrilled to partner with the National Payroll Institute in 2023. By collaborating with NPI, renowned for its knowledge and standards in payroll processes, we aim to enhance our own services with the latest insights and best practices. 

STOREYS partnership 

No surprise here, it’s another partnership, this time – with one of our benefits clients. We joined forces with STOREYS, blending the worlds of software and real estate. This collaboration represents a unique combination of our expertise in payroll, HR, and benefits with Storeys’ deep knowledge in the real estate world. 


With all the collaborations that came out of this year (and as you can see, there were many!), it’s only fitting that we also launched PartnerStack, helping us connect with our partners even better. This initiative marked a pivotal moment in widening Humi’s reach and influence, offering a more dynamic ecosystem for our partners.

G2 High Performer

We can go on all day about how awesome we think we are – but you don’t have to take our word for it, you can take G2’s! We were recognized as a High Performer in the Winter of 2023 for both the Mid-Market and Small Business sectors on G2. Being acknowledged by G2 is one of our especially meaningful achievements, as it reflects direct feedback from our users, and we’re committed to exceeding customer expectations.

Humi’s new mission statement

If you missed it, we revealed a shiny, new mission statement on our homepage in 2023: “We’re on a mission to help businesses employ 1 million Canadians”. Yup, we doubled down on the Canadian market – because as a business built by Canadians, in Canada, it only made sense to do so. 

More in-person meetups 

Our final highlight from 2023 tugs on our heartstrings a ‘lil (or a lot). In 2023, we made a huge effort to ensure our teams had more in-person time together. In a remote world that can often be isolating, these face-to-face interactions are precious moments that strengthen our trust and enrich our team culture beyond the screen – and it’s something we hope to carry into 2024.

Wrap up

There you have it! Our 2023 highlight reel. We feel pretty about all that was done this year – it was a lot. We’re seriously exhausted just scrolling this page… but we’re pretty confident next year will be even better

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