How this year’s top Humi features solve post-pandemic growing pains

Dec 2, 2021
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You’ve spent the past year adapting to new means of work and adjusting your way of thinking. You might’ve made the decision to operate on a remote-first basis permanently – maybe you’ve even headed back to the office part-time. 

Whatever the case is, you’ve worked hard to prioritize and invest in your people and remain competitive in this strange, exciting new world of work. In turn, we set out to build and improve tools to help you adapt. Here are some things we know are important to you coming out of the pandemic, and the Humi features we released this year to get you where you need to be. 

Creating a more inclusive workplace for your employees 

Especially as Humigos continue to operate across Canada, building and maintaining a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) is a top priority here at Humi. As we carve out our own strategy with the help of Entelechy Consulting, we know recentalizing EDI as a core business strategy is important to you heading into 2022. 

Gender-inclusive employee profiles

Being mindful of the language you use is key in creating an environment where everyone on your team feels respected, safe and included. Acknowledging and encouraging the use of pronouns is just one small step in confronting the implications of words and behaviours that have long gone unchallenged. 

With the addition of gender-inclusive employee profiles, Humi users have the option to add pronouns and gender to their Humi profile. We’ve also added X as a legal sex option, to reflect Canadian identification documents.

Custom fields 

Choose your own adventure: onboarding edition. It’s tough getting to know your co-workers virtually, which is why we’ve invested extra time into helping you smooth out that process. 

Use Humi’s custom fields to create short bios, to ask employees questions about their hobbies, lifestyle, their favourite candy, and so much more.

Welcome messages 

The jitters of starting at a new company are enough on their own. Factor in the virtual working environment, and new employees are bound to feel disconnected without the right support. In fact, without a great onboarding experience, talent is 2x more likely to seek out new opportunities. 

The addition of custom welcome messages allows you to set default settings for all custom welcome messages and hiring questionnaires so that you never forget to enable them during the onboarding flow. That way, you can make sure new team members never miss their warm welcome. 

Staying on top of the talent war 

As an increase of Canadian companies struggle to attract and retain talent, we know you’re looking to automate more of your tedious tasks so you can focus on strategic initiatives. That’s why we’ve invested in our recruiting modules to better support you in building and retaining a strong, impactful team. 

Indeed integration 

The tedious work you face when working with multiple recruiting systems takes away from connecting with and getting the right talent through the door, so we got rid of it. By integrating Humi with Indeed, Canada’s #1 job board, you can add and sponsor job postings all within the Humi platform. 

As a bonus, we’re excited to share that Indeed will be offering $500 in sponsored post credits for clients creating an Indeed account for the first time.*

Embedded job boards 

Having your job board displayed on your company’s website instead of being redirected to an external Humi job page just makes sense. Thanks to this exciting update, you have the power to embed your job board on any page of your company’s website. 

Offer letters

Offer letters are one of the first impressions candidates form about your company, and often include sensitive information. They need to be secure for everyone involved while being representative of your employer brand. 

With Offer Letters, you can:

  • Create offer letter templates
  • Send offer letters to candidates who don't have a Humi account
  • Send offer letters from the recruiting module
  • Revise an offer (perfect for when there are edits to make)
  • Track the status of an extended offer

Protecting your business  

Business insurance is a requirement for most Canadian businesses. It protects companies against unexpected events such as professional negligence, workplace injuries, product liability and data theft.

Humi Business Insurance 

The launch of Humi Business Insurance means that companies who rely on the Humi platform can now keep track of and manage business insurance policies in the same place they are already managing their critical operational infrastructure. This ultimately allows for better insurance product recommendations, risk management, and education because Humi deeply understands the businesses on its platform. 

Creating competitive benefits packages 

Strong compensation is one of your company’s most critical assets in attracting and retaining employees, and getting creative with your strategy is a must among the future of work. 

Humi Marketplace 

By partnering with other forward-thinking companies, we’re filling the gap in insurance plans and supporting its users by creating competitive benefits packages that help employers to attract and retain top talent.

Humi Marketplace is available across Canada to all Humi clients, featuring inaugural partnerships with Willful, PocketPills, Inkblot, Common Wealth, Phyxable, My Friendly Lawyer, Acclaim Ability Management, Havern Benefits Strategies, Carbon Neutral Club, and Alavida

For more information on our health, legal, and financial providers, visit

*Offer only available for new accounts in Canada that post a job. Credit expires one year after account creation. Users are charged upon expiration of the credit based on Sponsored Job budget. Terms, conditions, quality standards, and usage limits apply.

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