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May 3, 2022
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The success of a company relies on the people behind it. That’s why it’s essential to build a strong team of employees from the start, with recruitment being one of the most important steps. But with the talent war and Great Resignation proving to be huge challenges in the new world of work, finding top candidates to join your business can be a more difficult task than you’d expect. 

Knowing where to advertise open positions in your company will determine the quality of the new employees you hire. At Humi, we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks on the best places and the best ways to hire employees over the years. Read on to learn about our best methods for hiring top talent to build your team.

Post on a specialized job board

Our first tip is standard for recruiting: post your available position on a job site. There are many sites available online (e.g. Indeed, ZipRecruiter) that offer free job listings for employers. This is one of the easiest ways to catch the attention of job seekers, as they’ll likely be scouring job boards themselves, looking for companies that are hiring. Simply write a description of your company and the role, then post and wait for candidates to apply.

If you’ve already tried using job boards in the past with no luck (whether due to quality or quantity of candidates), try writing a more in-depth job description – outline the specific responsibilities of the role, the skills and qualifications required; even include the benefits you offer and, if you see fit, salary expectations. Also, include keywords in the post title and description that job seekers might type in when searching. All of these tricks will ensure your posting is put in front of the right people, giving you a better chance at hiring your new employee. 

Sponsor your listing

Sometimes free job boards aren’t enough. To help your job posting gain the right traction, use premium features offered by job sites to boost it higher on search pages. Sponsoring your listing can get it seen by more people, giving you more chances to find the right candidate. Some job sites also offer a feature that gives you access to their database so you can search through resumes yourself. This allows you to find the perfect candidate on your own without waiting for an application. 

Utilize social media

The growth of social media has made it a great tool to advertise open positions to potential candidates. LinkedIn is the best place to start, as it’s a professional social network complete with its own job board where people expect to see job postings. You can post your company’s open position two ways: as an actual listing on the LinkedIn job page, and as a post on your own profile, allowing people in your network to re-share it and spread the word. LinkedIn is a great way to connect with people interested in the job as you can also view candidates’ profiles to learn about their past experiences, education, and skills that may apply to the role.

Facebook can also be used to advertise your open role; one strategy is to join Facebook groups that are based on a specific industry or are job-related, and post that you’re hiring within the group. This will put the position in front of people that are already interested in your field. And finally, you can use Twitter to reach out by posting with relevant hashtags and keywords, and having your network retweet the post to reach more people. 

Start a referral program

Setting up a referral program within your own company is a great, resourceful way to find talent. A referral program asks your current team to refer potential candidates in their own network that they believe may be a good fit for the open position. This saves you time and money in your job search, as you won’t have to spend as much on advertising efforts. Referral programs also save you time in the hiring process; since the candidate is qualified and the referral denotes that they’re of good character, you can move them along in your funnel quicker than with candidates you have no prior connection to. 

The best way to boost your referral program is to incentivize things for your current employees. Offering a bonus or other reward (e.g. gift card, tickets to a sports event) to employees who refer a successful candidate will motivate your team to provide quality referrals. You can even create a friendly competition amongst the team to see who can gather the most successful referrals. 

Make relationships with universities

Building relationships with universities and other post-secondary institutions opens your candidate pool up to qualified students that are in the peak of job searching. Universities typically host career centres and websites where they can advertise your open position to graduating students in related fields. This relationship is a win-win: you receive quality candidates for your hiring process that you may not have found otherwise, and the university is able to provide their alumni with employment, a benefit that boosts their recruitment of new students.

Go to job fairs and conventions

If you’re looking for a relatively easy way to find potential candidates, attend a job fair or convention. These events will connect you with people that are local to your area and/or specific to your field and are in the middle of job searching. Not only will you be able to meet many candidates in a matter of hours, but you’ll also get to speak with them to see if they’ll be a good fit for the role and company. Job fairs are typically industry-specific (e.g. retail, healthcare, education) and the people that attend are skilled in that industry, so it’s a great way to attract qualified candidates quickly. 

Make sure to attend job fairs prepared: bring business cards, contact forms to fill out, a laptop, and whatever else you need to ease the process of gathering loads of information from dozens of candidates. 

Put some SEO work into your careers page 

One of the best places to advertise a position at your company is on your own website. Setting up a careers page on your business website will make it easy for potential candidates to learn not just about the role, but the company, by perusing the other pages (e.g. About Us). This allows them to get a feel for if the company will be a good fit. But beyond creating a careers page, it’s important to put some solid SEO work into it – think of keywords that candidates may search when looking for the job you’re hiring for and plug them into your job posting and careers page. Don’t be afraid to brag about how awesome your company is on the careers page, as well. You want the role and company to be enticing to new employees, so include information about benefits and perks that you provide!

Use an ATS and recruiting platform (like Humi!)

Finally, keep track of the candidates in your funnel, and make your hiring as smooth as possible by using an applicant tracking system (ATS) and recruiting platform, like Humi. ATS and recruiting platforms provide you with tools you need to facilitate everything from job postings, to candidate information, to interviews. Using these platforms will ease the hiring process so you can focus on ensuring you’re taking on the best candidates. 

Humi’s ATS and Recruiting platform can help you in a number of ways, such as with:

  • Our Indeed integration, which enables you to post directly to Indeed’s job board from within Humi
  • Custom hiring funnels that you can adjust to fit the needs of the role you’re hiring for
  • Collaboration between hiring teams, allowing access for the right people to view and comment on certain candidates 
  • Email automation, which will automate emails sent to candidates at the points you choose in the pipeline 

Do more with an all-in-one platform

On top of ATS and recruiting, Humi is also an all-in-one platform that can join your recruiting with other modules. Once you’ve hired that perfect candidate, move them onto training through our onboarding module. Add them to your payroll with a few clicks, and set them up in your time off module. 

Learn more with Humi

If you’re in the midst of hiring for your company, you may find the following resources helpful:

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