Talent war? Five new recruiting features to help your hiring team

Jun 29, 2021
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As we’re noticing an increase in Canadian companies struggling to attract and retain talent, HR teams are looking to automate more of their tedious work so that they can focus on strategic initiatives.  

“The need and increased cost of technical talent has skyrocketed. It’s almost impossible to compete as a small and medium-sized business with the base compensation of other tech giants for example,” says Andrea Bartlett, Director of HR at Humi.

“We are seeing a higher volume of candidates applying across all industries in Canada, which shows us the importance of being efficient in managing the recruiting process, and communicating with candidates.”

We see that recruiting is a point in the employee lifecycle that is often most cumbersome for HR teams. They spend lots of time working between multiple platforms and following up with candidates and internal stakeholders.

That’s why we’ve spent the last nine months investing in our recruiting modules to better support Canadian businesses (and will continue doing so), so they can get back to finding and retaining great talent. 

Here are five features we’ve recently released to support you during this talent war:

Applicant Discussions

Say goodbye to going back and forth via email and multiple meetings to share your thoughts about an applicant. With Applicant Discussions, you have a centralized place for internal communication, giving  you the ability to close communication gaps and speed up your hiring process.

Applicant Email Automation + Applicant Email History

With employer brand being top of mind, it’s crucial to make sure  your applicants receive emails at the right time throughout their application process. With Humi’s recruiting email functionality, you can automate the emails you send throughout funnel stages, and get back to creating lasting impressions for candidates. You also have an in-app email history to find previous applicant communications quickly.

Indeed Integration

With the growing demand for new talent, we wanted to remove the tedious work you face when working with multiple recruiting systems. By integrating Humi with Indeed, Canada’s #1 job board, you can add and sponsor job postings, all within the Humi platform, allowing you to get back to finding great talent. 

As a bonus, we’re excited to share that Indeed will be offering $500 in sponsored post credits for clients creating an Indeed account for the first time.*

Upload Documents to Applicant Profiles

Did you receive a portfolio via email instead of through the application form? Or want to share interview notes with the rest of the hiring team? With this feature, you can upload documents directly to applicant profiles so hiring teams can quickly reference all applicant information in one place. This feature is useful when storing and accessing documents that aren’t collected during the application process, such as references, licences, interview notes, and more.

Offer Letters

Offer letters are one of the first impressions that candidates form about your company, and they often include going back and forth with sensitive information. In a nutshell, they need to be representative of your employer brand, secure, and seamless for everyone involved.

With Offer Letters, you can:

  • Create offer letter templates
  • Send offer letters to candidates who don't have a Humi account
  • Send offer letters from the recruiting module
  • Revise an offer (perfect for when there are edits to make)
  • Track the status of an extended offer

Looking to learn more about our other product releases? You can see them here

*Offer only available for new accounts in Canada that post a job. Credit expires one year after account creation. Users are charged upon expiration of the credit based on Sponsored Job budget. Terms, conditions, quality standards, and usage limits apply.

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