Humi product roundup – summer 2023 edition

Jul 19, 2023
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Welcome to Humi’s Product Roundup, where we share exciting new features we’ve recently released to help businesses streamline their HR, payroll, and benefits. Curious to see what we’ve been up to lately? Read on to learn more about our latest product updates.

Benefits Plus: a digital-forward benefits experience within Humi

We know that staying on top of employee changes that affect benefits (e.g. new addresses, salary updates, and added dependents) can be a lot to manage. With Benefits Plus, you only need to make employee information changes in Humi, and we’ll send them to your benefits carrier. No more manual tracking or duplicate data entry!

Learn more about Benefits Plus.

New Humi mobile app for a better on-the-go experience

We know a great mobile experience makes it easier for users to access critical information in Humi. That’s why we released our new mobile app! Easily view your pay stubs, check your time off balances, and request time off.

We’re also continuing to make improvements to the native browser platform so you can enjoy the same user-friendly experience whether you’re accessing Humi from your desktop, phone, or tablet.

Learn more about the Humi mobile app.

Workers’ compensation calculation and reporting

Calculating workers’ compensation premiums just got easier! Now, you can easily set up rates and exemptions in Humi, and premiums will be automatically calculated when running payroll.

Easily determine how much you need to remit – Humi retroactively calculates premiums from January 1, 2023 and provides detailed report breakdowns of calculations.

Learn more about running Payroll with Humi.

Hybrid location type in job postings

Our Recruiting module now offers greater flexibility to help attract qualified applicants: you can now select ‘hybrid’ as a location type when creating a job posting, in addition to ‘remote’ and ‘onsite’. A badge displays the location type on your Humi job posting, letting candidates know where the position is based.

Learn more about Recruiting with Humi.

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