Ontario employers – these are the document policies you need to have

Jan 16, 2019
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It’s critical for Ontario employers to understand Ontario employment laws while building workplace policies and documents. When you have effective, clear procedures, it reduces stress and benefits everyone involved. Ensuring that ample workplace documentation is in place pays dividends down the road.

In partnership with Hummingbird Lawyers LLP, Humi now offers up-to-date legal document templates for your compliance, policy, and performance needs. The following is a breakdown of the need-to-have documentation required by law and the nice-to-have documentation that is imperative in preventing liability. These new legal documents are available for purchase on the Humi website.

Need-to-have Policies

Accessibility Policy

A template to help your organization define its policies around accessibility for handicapped persons.

Health and Safety Policy

A policy that is especially helpful for companies with employees who work with machinery, heavy equipment, or otherwise put themselves physically at risk. A policy must be in writing if you have 5 or more employees.

Workplace Violence and Harassment Policy

A starter policy for your workplace violence protocols. A policy must be in writing if you have 5 or more employees. This is an important document to have your people review on day 1.

Workplace Violence Report

A document that helps ensure that the proper procedures are in place for reporting an incident of workplace violence and/or harassment.  Gathering the critical information and documentation from the outset is essential in conducting a proper investigation.

Good-to-have Policies

BYOD Policy

A policy to protect the privacy, security and integrity of the company’s data and technology infrastructure against risks that may arise when employees use their own devices for work-related purposes.

Code of Conduct

A Code of Conduct transforms the vision, mission and values of the company into rules, principles and guidelines to help you maintain compliance and good governance.

Confidential Information Policy

A policy to help your organization deal with confidential information in a secure and organized way.

Confidentiality Agreement

A Confidentiality Agreement is designed to help your organization protect itself from employees sharing sensitive information with other parties in an unwanted way.

Dress Code Policy

A template to help your workplace maintain its professional image, culture, environment and standards from potentially inappropriate, unsafe, or otherwise unsuitable work attire.

Drug and Alcohol Policy

A starter policy for your workplace drug and alcohol protocols. This policy will make it clear to your employees what risks are associated with drugs and alcohol at the workplace. This is especially important now that marijuana is legal in Canada.

Final Release and Indemnity

A final release form for terminated employees to sign, which helps to protect your company against further legal action.

Improper Conduct Warning

A document template that ensures that you document verbal warnings to your workers regarding improper conduct.

Independent Contractor Agreement

A complete, compliant, and binding legal document to use with any independent contractors your business may need to work with.

Performance Warning Letter

A letter template that properly documents an employee's poor performance in order to prepare your organization for further disciplinary actions up to, and including, termination.

Security and Use of Information

A complete, compliant, and binding legal document to use with employees, usually during onboarding, to protect your business against improper use of information, or security breaches.

Social Media Policy

A policy for employees that provides guidance on the appropriate use of social media while working at the company.

Termination Without Cause

A letter template that is used to assist with employee terminations without cause.

Workplace Harassment Investigation

A template to be used for guidance in investigating workplace harassment incidents or complaints. It may not be appropriate for complex workplace harassment investigations.

Protect your business and ensure compliance with best-in-class document templates for policies, procedures, and agreements for as low as $49/month.

Ready to become compliant? View the documents here.

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