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Easily accessible.

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Jenn Pavicich
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“Humi became the frontrunner because there were many opportunities for customization, whereas the more traditional software companies were already set in stone.”
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One hub for all digital documents

A document management system that works – all employee documents and employee records can be found within a few clicks.

No more misplaced documents

Never lose a signed document again. Once it’s uploaded, it’s there for as long as you need.

Peace of mind

Securely stored in Canada so you have peace of mind when it comes to your employees’ sensitive information.

Streamline digital signatures

Automatic email notifications

Automatically remind your employees to sign important business documents so you don’t have to.

Create legally binding documents

With our timestamp feature, your digital documents are now legally binding.

Minimize paper waste

With digital signatures available in your document management software, there’s no need to print, sign, and scan your documents.

Manage multiple signature documents

Add up to three co-signers to a single document and create a signing order if required.

Create and send enticing offer letters

Smoothly transition from recruiting to hiring

Hire talent efficiently by sending them offer letters right from the recruiting module.

Offer letter templates

Start the employee experience right – easily create one template and adjust custom fields for each role as needed.

Unlimited revisions

No need to create multiple offer letters during the negotiation process with the easy-to-revise function and never miss a beat with offer letting progress tracking.

Get started with our digital documents solution

With Humi’s digital document solution, all employee records and employee directory exist in one place, so you can always find what you need in a few clicks or less. Create legally binding documents with multiple signatures, send automatic email notifications to remind your employees to sign important documents, and have peace of mind knowing your information is securely stored digitally. Rest easy knowing that sensitive information is protected and paper waste is minimized. Speak with our team to get started

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