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Online Pediatric and Urgent Care
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KixCare was created by Canadian pediatricians to help parents access timely pediatric care for their children. Children are not small adults, and they deserve specialized care. 

There is an ongoing pediatric healthcare crisis in Canada and families need better support. 

Hospital ER’s like SickKids are experiencing long wait times, publicly-covered virtual urgent care access has been slashed, and many families do not have access to a family doctor. 

What are parents supposed to do? 

KixCare is here to help.

Our 24/7 pediatric care service, Kix360°, provides working parents peace of mind by connecting them with access to Pediatric Registered Nurses. Our nurses are supported by specialized Nurse Practitioners for diagnosis, prescription, and, when needed, referrals to pediatricians and allied health care professionals.

While stress is unavoidable, reducing family health burdens helps employees to focus on being their best - at home and at work. 

When you offer parents in your workplace a Kix360° membership, you show them that you care. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you to empower parents in your organization by providing them with a pediatric care team in their pocket!

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