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Havern Benefits Strategies

Cross Border Benefits for Groups with 3+ Employees
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Our team at Humi has a preferred US employee benefits partner that will be the optimal resource for any cross-border requirement.

The team at Havern Benefits Strategies will go above and beyond to assist you with any US benefits needs you may have and a great partner to help you navigate the challenging and costly Us market.

We wanted to share a few ways they are unique:

  1. Global Approach – The efficiency of having a global approach is critical as you look to make sure your team is competitive, compliant, and in line with industry benchmarks is each specific location.
  2. Personal Relationship – We travel to Canada monthly to meet with our clients to provide an expertise and support in person in the market the management team is likely most challenged in and understand the compliance and cost challenges in the always changing US market.
  3. Preferred Products – In that we have focused in this unique niche for many years, we have access to preferred benefits and pricing that the client/prospect likely hasn’t seen.  We are able to handle requirements in all US states as we navigate through the many underwriting restrictions daily.
  4. Mitigate US Healthcare Costs – The benefits spend for 1 US Employee is equivalent to 10 Canadian employees, so while the population may be smaller mitigating the costs are critical to the business.  In order to properly grow a company in the US market, the employee benefits package must be competitive, cost effective, and in line with the specific industry


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