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On-demand substance abuse support
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How long do you think your team could go without having a drink?

If you wish the answer were 'I shouldn't have to know that', ALAViDA can help. The reality is that 21% of employees will experience challenges with substance use, but only 1 in 10 will get help - when it becomes a crisis. 

ALAViDA is a one-stop-shop for any level of substance use disorder – alcohol and drugs. It's a modern approach for all employees, whether they want to be proactive about their health, or face mild, moderate and severe challenges. No awkward conversations, no shame and 100% confidential. Your employees access on-demand prevention, treatment, aftercare and family support for substance use, right from their smartphone. Coaching, therapy, and medical care are provided by licensed practitioners specialized in addiction.

With the help of medical doctors, technology and a therapeutic team, 91% of employees being treated by ALAViDA continue to stay at work. Your team deserves incredible care. Support them with a pre-disability and return-to-work substance use program that well… works. Learn More

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