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Intellitix Grows with Humi

As Intellitix moved into their growth phase and continued to expand globally, Kristen Van Kesteren, ...

5 minute read

MatchBox Hires Paperless with Humi

Once MatchBox started skyrocketing the number of employees, they needed a smart HRIS. Matchbox chose...

4 minute read

BUILD IT By Design Lays Their HR Foundation with Humi

Before BUILD IT By Design started using Humi, they were flooded with paperwork and HR headaches. Th...

4 minute read

Why Simpson Seeds Loves Humi

Similar to most small businesses, Simpson Seeds realized it was time to upgrade their HRIS when thei...

4 minute read

Hippo CMMS Fills HR Gap with Humi

Hippo CMMS is a growing software development company located in Winnipeg, Canada. Since its launch i...

4 minute read

Ask Humi: How Do I Land My First HR Job?

As convocation comes to a close, it is on to the next chapter for the graduating class. For all the...

10 minute read