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BUILD IT By Design Lays Their HR Foundation with Humi


Kloe Desrosiers

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Before BUILD IT By Design started using Humi, they were flooded with paperwork and HR headaches. The company decided it was time to lay a solid HR foundation by buying an HRIS to streamline their HR processes. We spoke with with Iram Sutar, their HR Administrator, to learn BUILD IT By Design’s HR story.

BUILD IT By Design is a full-service general construction company. Transforming a brand into a brick-and-mortar reality is no easy feat. To do it right—and make sure the look, feel and personality of your brand is impeccably reflected in your built environment—you need a construction partner with exceptional technical know-how, stellar communication skills and an unwavering commitment to collaboration. At BUILD IT, they work alongside businesses of all kinds, from global franchises to new concepts to provide the highest-quality brand environments available.

How was managing HR before BUILD IT by Design started using Humi?

"Oh boy, the HR department was relying on paperwork and spreadsheets. Information and documents would fall through the cracks and go missing. It wasn’t very organized, which is why we started looking at buying an HRIS system."

Why was Humi your choice of HRIS to manage your HR?

"We had done demos with Bamboo and many others systems, but it was an evident choice to move forward with Humi. What really stood out, apart from the others, was how sleek and easy to use the system was. You don’t need to be “tech savvy” to use Humi. In addition to this, many of the competitors had unnecessarily complex implementations. Humi’s implementation was a fraction of the time and work effort involved."

How has Humi changed the way you manage your HR?

"I see the biggest difference with time-off management because of the way our company is structured–50% of our employees do not work in our main office, so time-off before Humi was chaotic. Employees actually follow the new HR processes and use Humi!

Humi’s reporting capabilities have removed our spreadsheets of demographic information. In Humi, each employee has a profile that stores their information, and, as an Admin, I can pull a report based on specific demographics in seconds. No more spreadsheets!

Due to the fact that we are limited to office space, we wanted to adopt a paperless strategy. With Humi’s e-signature feature, we removed paperwork. The fact that I can create a document, send it to an employee to sign, and it is automatically saved onto the respective profile is amazing. It makes HR admin work worryless.

With Humi Benefits, employees are much more self-serve. The employees’ benefits information is in Humi, and the Humi team is there to support the employees as needed, making the job of HR person easier. Working with PJ, our benefits consultant, has been a very good experience. No matter how silly the benefits question is, he is always very kind, knowledgeable, and patient."

What would you say to someone who is considering using Humi?

"Go for it. Humi has met all of our needs while giving us the peace of mind that information is safe and secure. The support team is reactive and insightful. The combination is these things is something you don’t often come by."

BUILD IT By Design is one of over 1,000 clients who use Humi to manage their HR, Payroll, and Benefits.

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Kloe Desrosiers
Kloe is leading marketing at Humi, has a secret passion for culture and people development, and she is a fan of the oxford comma.

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