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Intellitix Grows with Humi

Apr 2, 2018
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As Intellitix moved into their growth phase and continued to expand globally, Kristen Van Kesteren, their Human Resources Manager, saw the need to move to a more contemporary approach to HR. After considering many softwares, Intellitix decided to move forward with Humi. Since then, their HR department has been able to streamline and improve several HR functions and processes. We chatted with Kristen to get a better understanding of Intellitix’s HR journey by asking her the top questions HR professionals may have when considering Humi for their HRIS needs.

Intellitix delivers the most advanced and secure RFID technology platform to the world’s top festivals and live events. With a market-leading track record, Intellitix partners with the largest number of live events including music festivals, food, wine and beer festivals, sporting events, conventions, expos, conferences, county fairs and fixed venues.

How was managing HR before Intellitix started using Humi?

“Prior to using Humi, we weren't using any sort of HRIS, so we were relying on several different programs to store and manage our HR data (Google Sheets, etc).  We did not have a well-defined process to track employment data, something that we take for granted now with the Humi system.”

“Simple tasks like looking up someone’s phone number or emergency contact sometimes took excessive amounts of time and resources. Additionally, we questioned the accuracy of our data, as spreadsheets leave more room for human error."

Why was Humi your choice of HRIS to manage your HR?

“As a department of two, we began testing and demoing different softwares on the market. At the end of the day, we finalized it between Humi and one other system. We decided to pilot both systems simultaneously and did an analysis of the first two months, at which time we decided that Humi was a frontrunner and had shown the most growth while remaining committed to deadlines.”

How has Humi changed the way you manage your HR?

“I can’t begin to tell you how many hours Humi has saved us by automating many of our HR processes. It has not only impacted HR and the way we do business, but also many other departments across the organization. For example, managers are now able to operate much more efficiently. The Humi system allows them to gather information about their employees’ vacation, performance, etc. while ensuring the data provided is accurate.  Humi acts as a one-stop-shop for HR, keeping data secure while maintaining organization and efficiency.

"Humi acts as a one-stop-shop for HR, keeping data secure while maintaining organization and efficiency."

What has your experience been like with the Humi team?

“‘Overall, my Humi experience has certainly been outstanding. Humi is always making improvements and striving to improve the product. They do not quit until they have solved the issue in full, offered an alternative solution, or provided us with an honest answer indicating that they do not have an immediate fix. We’ve built a great partnership with Humi and I look forward to continuing to work with them in the future.

What is your favourite module or feature in Humi?

“The onboarding feature is one of our favourites. We can say with confidence that Humi securely stores our data while also saving us many hours that were previously spent on manual processes used to collect necessary employment information.”

“The recruiting module is another favourite. We are hiring at a rapid rate - receiving upwards of 200-300 applicants, per role, at times. The Humi system places applicants into a recruitment funnel and gives us the ability to involve direct managers that must be part of the hiring process. This allows for instant updates and feedback throughout the hiring process so that all parties involved are aware of steps outstanding and where we are in the process.If a hiring manager is absent or unavailable, it is easy to pick up where the process left off because there are notes in Humi that show exactly where we are at in the recruitment process, with the ability to leave detailed notes and other information regarding each candidate. This allows for rapid turnarounds in our process, ensuring we do not miss out on A+ candidates.”

"Humi’s product strategist will actually get on the phone with me, and other HR professionals, to receive feedback and ensure that what they are building aligns with industry standards. I would absolutely recommend Humi."

What would you say to someone who is considering using Humi?

“Humi is a system that will grow with you as a client. Humi works towards being a leader in their industry while striving to follow best practices by requesting feedback from HR professionals who understand what is needed in an HRIS system. Humi’s product strategist will actually get on the phone with me, and other HR professionals, to receive feedback and ensure that what they are building aligns with industry standards. I would absolutely recommend Humi.”

Intellitix is one of over 1,000 clients who use Humi to manage their HR, Payroll, and Benefits.

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