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MatchBox Hires Paperless with Humi


Kloe Desrosiers

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Once MatchBox started skyrocketing the number of employees, they needed a smart HRIS. Matchbox chose Humi as their solution. Since then, they have moved from having a manual HR to one that is completely online and that their employees love using.

MatchBox , a rapidly growing strategic recruitment and professional services firm headquartered in downtown Vancouver, is serving hundreds of clients nationally each year.

Annie Matouskova, the Executive Assistant to the President & CEO at Matchbox, shares with us the answers to some of the top questions that prospective clients might have when considering Humi as their HR solution.

How was managing HR before MatchBox started using Humi?

“Before Humi everything was done manually. The biggest challenge about this was the amount of paperwork we had, including piles of it for every employee. This made it incredibly challenging to access information easily and efficiently.”

Why was Humi your HRIS of choice for managing your HR?

“We did lots of research to understand what softwares were available to manage our HR, and Humi was undoubtedly the best option. When considering an HRIS, we wanted something that was simple, easy to use, and impactful. Humi definitely fit these criteria, so it made it a very easy decision to move forward with Humi.”

How has Humi changed the way you manage your HR?

“Thanks to Humi, we manage our HR online and couldn’t be happier. As an organization that is more than doubling its employees annually, it is important for us to have information stored digitally. Humi has allowed us to do this without any risk or inefficiencies. If I ever need support, the Humi the team is very responsive. I appreciate how fast and well-thought-out their emails and calls are. Their team is tremendously helpful.”

What is your favourite module or feature in Humi?

“Humi’s onboarding is Matchbox’s favourite. We love how paperless and seamless Humi makes the recruiting and onboarding process. When an employee is onboarding, they sign their documents, and it is uploaded to their profiles for future access. Not only is this a good experience for the admin, but also for the employee. When a new employee is onboarding, we can add custom onboarding questions. The answers to these questions are sent to their coworkers, allowing them to get to know their new colleagues even before their first day. Questions like ‘What was the last book you read?’ helps new employees have a great first day at Matchbox because their colleagues can start more personal first interactions.”

What would you say to someone who is considering using Humi?

“If a company is growing as fast as we are and is considering Humi and other HRIS tools, I would confidently recommend Humi as an HR platform that stands apart from the rest.”

MatchBox is one of over 1,000 clients who use Humi to manage their HR, Payroll, and Benefits.

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Kloe Desrosiers
Kloe is leading marketing at Humi, has a secret passion for culture and people development, and she is a fan of the oxford comma.

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