Navigating the tech world as a woman: Advice from Humi’s own

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In celebration of International Women's Day, we're shining a spotlight on the women of Humi who are making waves in the tech industry. This day is not only about making progress toward equal opportunities for all genders (although, that is a huge part of it) but also an opportunity to highlight the achievements and insights of women – and in our particular case, those who are navigating the complexities of a career in tech. 

At Humi, we're proud to support and empower a diverse team of talented individuals, and today, we're sharing advice and inspiration from our own women in tech. From breaking barriers to fostering inclusive environments, these stories are a testament to the strength, resilience, and innovation women bring to the tech industry.

Reflecting on your journey, who are the women who have inspired you, and how have their contributions shaped your approach in the tech field?

Julia Taormina (Data Analyst)

“Throughout my journey, I've had the privilege of collaborating with passionate women leaders who have not only offered guidance and support but also encouraged me to challenge imposter syndrome. These remarkable women have inspired me with their wisdom, resilience, and innovation, guiding me on my journey in the tech industry."

Justine Randhawa (Accountant)

“I am grateful to have many inspirational women in my life but I'd like to give a special shout out to my mom! She has always emphasized the importance of a strong work ethic. I could not have gotten to where I am now in my career without her guidance and resilience.”

Tarra Corneil (Lead, Talent Acquisition)

"I have been fortunate to have had a number of inspirational female managers/ leaders who have helped shape my career. They have encouraged me to voice my opinions, advocate for things that are important to me and others, and to be proud and celebrate my contributions and successes. They have also shown me that women can balance having a family, accomplishing their career goals, and having a meaningful impact."

Evelyn Ly, (Director, Marketing)

“I want to shout out Mel, who’s the co-founder at Canada Learning Code. I remember interviewing with her and I told her I didn’t have any experience working in the tech world and she hired me anyway. I remember her telling me it’s accessible now more than ever, you just have to want it.”

Samantha Leung (Manager, Client Support)

“Who has inspired me? I don’t have to look too far. I would have to say my managers Carla and Maghen!  They serve as role models, guiding me on how to lead my team effectively and how to thrive as a female leader. Their leadership qualities and support have been invaluable on my journey.”

Cindy Nguyen (Manager, Data Analytics)

“So many of the women at Humi have inspired me and how I approach my work. The balance of being an absolute rockstar at what they do while at the same time being incredibly kind, honest and supportive has shaped my image of the type of contributor and leader I want to be. They’ve taught me the importance of showing up to work not just as an employee to complete tasks but as a person first and having genuine passion for the work you do and care for the people you work with.”

Lauren Kadet (Director, Benefits Portfolios)

“My mom is someone who has inspired me. We’re in industries that are predominately male-dominated and I’ve learned to approach business and my career as someone who is good at what they do and strives to be better not as a female’ but as a professional in that role.”

Stephanie Sulit (Lead, Marketing)

“I get inspired from just talking to other women in the field, and learning more about how they got to where they are and the lessons they learned along the way!”

Fallon Manuel (Advisor, Benefits Portfolios)

“Of all the women I have ever worked with, my manager, Lauren, has had the biggest impact on me. She is a true example of a leader. Her work ethic is unmatched, and her attention to detail and ability to navigate even the most stressful situations while staying calm and collected is something I am inspired by every day. I truly feel she cares about me and wants the best for me, not only with her words but also with her actions.”

As we celebrate International Women's Day in the tech industry, what advice would you give to women navigating their careers?

Julia Taormina (Data Analyst)

"My advice to women navigating their careers is to first believe in themselves and their potential. It's important to actively engage in lifelong learning and invest in skill development, as this builds confidence and adaptability. Additionally, fostering resilience, establishing a robust support network, and seeking out mentors are key strategies for overcoming obstacles and achieving success.”

Justine Randhawa (Accountant)

“My advice would be to always believe in yourself, even on days when you don’t feel 100%. Show off your talents, be ready to adapt to changes, focus on your growth, and be proud of your unique journey.”

Courtney Lee (VP, People)

“Get comfortable receiving constructive feedback. As women, we often intellectually understand the value of receiving feedback, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t incredibly confronting in the moment! For many of us (myself included), defensiveness is a natural emotional reaction — it’s very normal to try to discredit the feedback, or to discredit the individual giving you the feedback.

My advice is to push past your initial reaction and take a moment to reflect. If there's even one tiny thing you take away and leverage from the feedback, it will make you better. The impact on your career will be massive; your self-awareness will increase, which will help you excel in your craft. Your openness to feedback will help drive greater collaboration, as your colleagues will see you as someone they can approach directly when there’s an issue. Receiving tough feedback is really hard, but the degree to which you can internalize and address your blind spots will play a huge role in your success.”

Evelyn Ly (Director, Marketing)

“Take the leap – I know it sounds cheesy but it can be worth it.”

Carla Price (Director, Client Solutions and Support)

“My advice to women in tech is to remember that taking risks isn't just about shaking things up; it's about facing those inner doubts and fears head-on. Whether you end up succeeding or learning from failure, each step is crucial in forging a stronger, more resilient you. It's this very resilience that propels you forward, armed with determination and the bravery to stand by your convictions. Your voice matters, so never hesitate to express your thoughts and ideas boldly. Your unique perspective is essential for shaping technology's future, guiding innovation in a field enriched by diversity.”

Cindy Nguyen (Manager, Data Analytics)

“Everyone has imposter syndrome to some degree, whether they show it or not, and imposter syndrome is something that can exist at any stage in your career. So never let it hold you back because the worst that can happen if you try is that you don’t get it – but if you don’t try you could miss out on something amazing or even just the experience of reaching for something and getting valuable feedback on how you can improve to get there.”

Lauren Kadet (Director, Benefits Portfolios)

“The advice I would give women or anyone navigating their career is to put in the time and effort to learn. Learn from others regardless of their role and ‘rank’. Everyone has something to teach you, even if it’s what not to do. The moment we think we know it all is the moment we should stop. Stay humble but be confident in knowing your worth and the value you bring not as a female but as an employee who can do the job at hand.”

Zinnia Rana (Front End Software Engineer)

“Starting out as an IT analyst in a mostly male team, I faced challenges that only fueled my determination. Recognizing my passion for front-end development, I attended events and connected with inspiring women on LinkedIn, shaping my journey. Their insights taught me to persist in chasing my dreams.”

Stephanie Sulit (Lead, Marketing)

“Push yourself to take opportunities that are out of your comfort zone because it could lead to some amazing experiences and open new doors. It’s a good way to discover what you do and don’t like, which is also a great learning experience! Trust in your knowledge and skills, and treat every challenge as an opportunity for growth. Remember that everyone’s career journey is different.”

Fallon Manuel (Advisor, Benefits Portfolios)

“For women navigating their careers in the tech space, there are many great companies, but what is most important is the leadership and their core values around culture and people. These are what drive and inspire people to show up – but also know it is just as important to rest and recharge. If you align yourself with people who truly care about you, you will not only grow and flourish professionally but also on a personal level. Ride out the lows and celebrate the highs; the people you surround yourself with will either breathe life into your soul or drain it. Make sure you partner with people who do the former, and you will succeed.”


At Humi, we recognize the power of words in shaping a welcoming and inclusive workplace culture. In light of the theme for International Women’s Day 2024, “Inspire Inclusion”, one of the ways we’ve committed to inclusivity in the past year is shifting how we communicate to use more inclusive language. 

Here’s a screenshot taken from the Notion page provided to Humigos that outlines some of the ways we’re incorporating more inclusive language:

By embedding inclusive language into our daily interactions, we aim to inspire inclusion and treat everyone with the fairness, sensitivity, and respect they deserve. This commitment reinforces our dedication to creating an environment where every Humigo, especially women and underrepresented groups, feel seen, heard, and valued.

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