3 Ways HR and Marketing Can Influence One Another

Mar 10, 2018
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There is an increasing demand for HR to forge an alliance with marketing, as more companies realize the potential such a partnership holds in building a successful brand. If you’re looking to find common ground with marketing, you’ll discover that they also work to understand the psychology of people as well as what drives and influences them. Coming together is the perfect opportunity to merge your internal and external brand for a more holistic stakeholder experience.

Here are some (overlooked) strategies to consider building between the departments:

1. Align your brand from the inside out

The essence of a strong brand is one that provides a consistent user experience aligned from the inside out. Achieving alignment requires HR and marketing to bridge the gap between the internal and external brand through your employees who represent everything the company does and stands for. This involves connecting your employees to the brand’s purpose, mission, and values as well as equipping them with the resources they need to deliver on the company’s promise to consumers.

2. Develop an employee advocacy program

Considering that 90% of customers trust recommendations from people they know above all other forms of marketing, your employees are an undervalued source of power into reaching untapped audiences. Together with marketing, create an employee advocacy program that will incentivize your team to promote the brand, share their employee experience, and rock their promotional products for brand recognition. Potential customers and hires will be more interested in your company when they see your employees engaged in the company’s product, services, and mission.

3. Implement a marketing recruitment strategy

In the same way, marketing sets out to attract and engage new customers, HR can benefit from adopting a similar mindset with potential hires. By partnering with marketing to create recruitment campaigns, you can look to differentiate your brand and begin to build a pipeline of qualified talent. These campaigns can look like anything from attending events to creating content. The canvas is yours to paint here.

Once you've created a stellar recruitment campaign, you'll need a way to seamlessly onboard all of that talent.  Take a look at how an HRIS, such as Humi, can make sure that those painful onboarding days are over.

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Soruby is a marketing intern at Humi. She looks forward to landing a job in HR after completing her degree.

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