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Onboarding employees successfully is the key to winning the talent war

Feb 23, 2022
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Almost 30% of job seekers leave their jobs within the first 90 days of their start date.

Let that sink in for a minute.

Imagine – though likely a reality for many business owners and HR leaders or recruiters – spending weeks (or even months) to successfully hire a new employee and in less than three months, you get an email in your inbox with their resignation letter. You’ve spent all this time and energy finding the one and just like that, they decide to quit on you. Is it something you did? Was the company not a good fit for them? What could have gone wrong in such little time?

The answer is an obvious one: your onboarding plan is chaotic. When businesses were operating completely in-person, there was at least the opportunity to easily tap on a coworker’s shoulder to ask simple questions like “Where can I find this document?” or “Who do I talk to about this process?” Now, with the shift to remote-first and hybrid models, there’s even more pressure to perfectly streamline onboarding your new team members so they can easily navigate their new work environment.

By having all onboarding tasks in one place, it enables you and your team to:

  • Identify and prepare for the needs of your new employee before their start date 
  • Empower your new hire to onboard and ask role-related questions as opposed to tracking down documents 

Introducing Tasks 2.0

It's a complete overhaul of Humi's task management system, helping you quickly manage tasks and get back to what matters most – getting new hires up to speed and creating a positive, seamless onboarding experience to help retain them. 

To our current clients, we heard you – you were looking for one place to manage all HR tasks: from onboarding to offboarding, and everything in between. 

With Tasks 2.0 you can:

Centralize all your tasks 

Imagine having all your tasks planned out, knowing exactly what needs to get done and when, all in one place. With Tasks 2.0, you can spend less time going back and forth between task tools by using this as your one-stop shop to manage all your tasks. Now, you can make the most out of your time and get back to focusing on building a great employee experience. 

Add multiple assignees

Communicate and connect with the right employees by adding multiple assignees to tasks. You can now collaborate on tasks no matter where you are. 

Delegate work by creating bulk tasks

There’s always lots to do when onboarding a new employee. Save time with bulk tasks by reducing the amount of time you spend creating identical tasks and assigning them employees.

Track tasks with multiple table views, filters and more

Keep an eye on the progression of your employees by viewing tasks in tables and filter based on status. Quickly identify what work needs to be tackled first while adding accountability to tasks.

Add more detail through Subtasks

Subtasks are a great way to split tasks into individual components. You can tackle all the nitty-gritty details while staying connected to the main task. Just enter the subtasks you need below each task, set a due date, and add assignees. 

With the talent war at large and a need to hire and onboard employees with ease, it’s become more important than ever to be organized with upcoming tasks. Tasks 2.0 gives you a visual overview of all tasks and a closer look into what your new hires are up to — all in one place. 

If you’ve made it this far into our blog, we have another handy tip for you! Tasks 2.0 can be leveraged in more ways than just onboarding tasks. You can use them to encourage your employees to fill out surveys, create tasks for hiring teams, and remind team members of important milestones.

Try the new and improved Tasks 2.0

Want to learn more about Tasks 2.0? Check out our Support Library for a complete walkthrough of all the great new features or dive right in and check it out in-app.

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