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Offboarding: The Art of Gracefully Parting Ways


Soruby Kirubhakaran

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As an employee’s lifecycle at your company comes to an end, the last impression they leave with can be just as important as the first. However, unlike onboarding, companies often drop the ball when it comes to developing an offboarding process. They fail to realize that departing employees leave just as much of an impact as those coming in.

To help you manage the transition of different types of departures, here are a few offboarding tips to keep in mind:

1) The Voluntary Turnover

Regardless of why an employee chooses to leave, setting the foundation for a good post-employment relationship while ensuring their departure doesn't disrupt the balance of your team is just good business sense.

2) The Terminating Employee 

While it’s never easy delivering bad news, learning how to gracefully terminate an employee can make the process a bit less painful on both ends.

3) The Retiree

A loss of identity is common among retirees, and understandably so. Preparing your employees for the psychological impact it will have can make a world of a difference as they ease into their golden years. And that's how you offboard. Wondering how to onboard? We have your back. Check out our onboarding page with top practices.

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Soruby Kirubhakaran
Soruby is a marketing intern at Humi. She looks forward to landing a job in HR after completing her degree.

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