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Mar 19, 2020
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In the midst of these difficult and uncertain times, we want to make sure that we're here to support you and your teams. We’re all in this together.

Last Friday, March 13th, the Canadian Government communicated its formal Travel Advisory due to the COVID-19 pandemic. When such advisories take place, Emergency Out of Country Travel Insurance providers will follow suit. 

It’s important to note that if you were to leave Canada following Friday’s announcement, you’re almost certainly doing so without having this important insurance coverage in place. 

If you left Canada before the Canadian Government’s advisory, you are most likely still covered as per usual. What’s most important to know, though, is that since being in close contact with various travel insurance providers, some have a window of time that’s closing fast. This means that in some cases, emergency medical coverage will no longer be guaranteed to you or your employees who are abroad. As communicated yesterday by our PM, “it’s time to come home.”

Regardless, the Canadian Government’s Travel Advisory site is a good one to keep handy. If you haven’t seen the email communications by your insurance provider, please let us know. Even if you aren’t a benefits client of Humi’s, we’d be happy to provide you with your provider’s formal position on travel insurance as it pertains to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Mental Health Support

Employees and their families are stressed about both the present and future implications caused by this challenging time. If your team needs more support, our partner Inkblot has counsellors that are available as early as today for your people. There is no need to change your benefits plan for your employees to access care from the comfort and safety of their own homes. The first visit is free, and if an employee chooses to use Inkblot for additional sessions, they can use their Paramedical Practitioner or Health Care Spending Account (if applicable) dollars to do so. If you feel your team needs additional virtual mental health support, the Inkblot and Humi teams are here to help you build out a mental health strategy during this difficult time.

Virtual Medical Care

To avoid hospital/doctor offices, don’t forget to remind your staff about your Virtual Medical and/or EFAP (Employee & Family Assistance Program) providers, if applicable. If you don’t currently have these services in your benefits plan, we can help you get set up. In the meantime, our trusted Partners, Akira & Dialogue have developed free web-based COVID-19 screening tools which are available for all Canadians to use. 

Akira’s Screening Tool 

Dialogue’s Screening Tool

Your Benefits Plan and Layoffs

We understand that many businesses are in an unfortunate position where they have no choice but to lay off staff. The structure of your benefits plan and your benefits carrier will have different methods of handling this scenario, but please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Humi Benefits Team to know how your benefits plan would be affected by layoffs. You can reach our team at

We hope that you look to us as a trusted resource during this difficult time. You can bookmark Humi's dedicated COVID-19 page for all our updates and resources.

All the best,
The Humi Benefits Team

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