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How Knowing More About Your Workplace Benefits Can Improve Your Financial Plan

Guest post by Planswell Whether you’re just starting out in your career, well on your way up th...

5 minute read

6 Elements Every Job Description Must Have

A job description is a document that describes the tasks, duties, and responsibilities required f...

3 minute read

Offboarding Checklist: What to Do When an Employee Leaves

Employees are a company’s most important source of competitive advantage; this is because human ca...

7 minute read

How to Choose the Right Benefits Plan

Choosing a benefits plan for your organization can be a daunting task. The insurance industry is a n...

5 minute read

A Guide for Your First Benefits Plan

First time administering a group benefit plan? No need to fear - Humi is here! Be it by choic...

3 minute read

How to Deal with Late Benefits Applications

Before we take a look at what late benefits applicants are and how to avoid them, it is easier to un...

3 minute read

Tackling Common HR Software Misconceptions

It’s no secret that the integration of technology into human resources is changing how we manage o...

4 minute read

4 Lessons from Companies with the Best Onboarding Practices

If your company is looking to add top talent, the investment in recruiting does not stop the day the...

4 minute read

Offboarding: The Art of Gracefully Parting Ways

As an employee’s lifecycle at your company comes to an end, the last impression they leave with ca...

3 minute read

Ask Humi: How Do I Land My First HR Job?

As convocation comes to a close, it is on to the next chapter for the graduating class. For all the...

10 minute read