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Why Simpson Seeds Loves Humi

Mar 29, 2018
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Similar to most small businesses, Simpson Seeds realized it was time to upgrade their HRIS when their administrative responsibilities were preventing them from accomplishing what they needed to. We spoke with their Human Resources Manager, Genelle Payant, to better understand how Humi has improved her day-to-day and unlocked the company’s potential in HR.

Born in 1979, Simpson Seeds is a buyer, processor, marketer, and exporter of specialty crops such as lentils, peas, chickpeas and canary seed. SSI has shipped to over 80 countries worldwide and will continue to ship grain from all four facilities.

How was managing your HR before Simpson Seeds started using Humi?

“We had somewhat of an HRIS in place when we were using another software, but it was certainly not comprehensive enough. I knew the possibilities that an HRIS could offer us because the companies I had worked at prior to Simpson Seeds were using one. It was quite frustrating knowing what we could be doing but weren’t because of the limitations of the previous system. In short, it made it very inefficient and time-consuming for us to manage our HR!”

"We said goodbye to HR’s paperwork-nightmare and chasing people down to fill out forms."

What was most important to you and your company when evaluating your HRIS options?

“After seeing many HRIS demos, there were three important factors that I considered when evaluating my options:

1. Ease of use. Not only for the HR department but for the rest of the company as well. We have a diverse employee base, and an HRIS system that was easy to use was critical.

2. Decently priced but still met our needs. This was difficult to find until I learned that there are Canadian options.

3. Customer experience. It was important to me that the team I’d be working with was a group of people I would be happy to work with on a regular basis. Questions that came to mind were, ‘Can I call for help if needed? Are they easy to deal with? Are they flexible?’”.

Why was Humi your choice of HRIS to manage your HR?

“Humi met the requirements that were important to me when evaluating the options on the market. Where Humi really stood out was the customer experience.

I come from a hospitality background, and I think I have pretty high standards when it comes to service. I’m not usually impressed by the service I receive from companies, but when working with Humi, I was really surprised at how service-oriented they were. In fact, before we even subscribed to Humi, we mentioned some features that would be attractive to us and, to our surprise, those system changes were made before we even became a customer! Humi’s customer service is beyond impressive.”

"Humi’s customer service is beyond impressive."

How has Humi changed the way you manage your HR?

“On a day-to-day basis, Humi saves us the pain of doing the tedious work. We said goodbye to HR’s nightmare–paperwork and chasing people down to fill out forms.

With Humi’s centralized system, new employees can onboard themselves, request time off, update information, and complete other tasks online in seconds (without any paperwork). It’s truly an HR gamechanger.

On a broader level, Humi has decreased a lot of the HR inefficiencies and has saved us an abundance of time, so that, as an HR department, we can focus on more strategic initiatives.

We love how intuitive the product is. Whenever Humi releases a new feature, even though they compliment it with how-to guides, it is pretty easy to adopt on your own.”

What would you say to someone who is considering using Humi?

"In short, don’t waste your time evaluating other providers. Just get Humi!"

Simpson Seeds is one of over 1,000 clients who use Humi to manage their HR, Payroll, and Benefits.

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