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What are “Interview Guides” and why do I need them?

Mar 29, 2022
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Jumping into an interview without any preparation is a sure-fire way to tank the experience of a potential future employee. Picture this: you’re in back-to-back virtual or in-person meetings while your candidate is patiently waiting, likely trying their hardest not to let their nerves get the best of them in anticipation of their upcoming interview with you. You come into the room, feeling quite flustered because you haven’t had the chance to switch gears and as much as you try and work through some small talk, you’re distracted because you’re trying to pull up the candidate’s resume and think of questions to ask. You’re not in the ideal state to do this interview and it shows.

We’ve all been there and let’s face it, it’s not a great feeling for anyone involved. Even worse, you may end up losing the candidate that could have been a great fit for your company. We get it, you’re busy and there’s a resource constraint – that’s why you’re hiring in the first place!

What are Interview Guides?

We’re excited to announce our brand new Humi Recruiting feature, Interview Guides, built to equip you with an additional resource that helps eliminate the need to frantically come up with new questions just before an interview. These guides will help you and your team:

  • Create job-specific interview templates
  • Collaborate with hiring teams
  • Get a quick and easily digestible interview summary and evaluation status
  • Reduce interview bias using anonymous responses 

How can Interview Guides help you hire the right talent, effectively?

1. Cheers to standardization, hello consistency and fairness.

With hundreds of applications to sort through and dozens of qualified candidates worth interviewing, it can be challenging for you to keep track of all the different, yet necessary, interview questions. To assess candidates consistently and fairly, it’s crucial to have one set of questions as a starting point so hiring teams can directly compare candidates’ answers. Now, you can develop standardized, role-specific questions rather than generic questions that seem impersonal and disconnected.

2. Get the right people in the (digital) room.

“I love manually sending out emails and following up with every single person to make sure they have access to interview questions! - said no one ever.  

Assign hiring teams directly in Humi to give members the ability to view and add information to the guide. Teams can easily log into their account ahead of their interview and access the guides. Are more people being added to the hiring team? Simply add them in and they can get up to speed.

3. Collaborate on the hiring process.

Constantly checking or being asked to check the status of where candidates are in the hiring funnel is annoying and time-consuming. But, we know moving quickly on recruiting talent is key right now. Using Interview Guides, all hiring team members can make comments and notes that are shared with the recruiter. Members can also check to see if there’s been a decision made to move the candidate forward. 

4. Keep the hiring process unbiased.

Do you ever find yourself agreeing with your manager or someone more senior to you because it’s easier than disagreeing? Shoe on the other foot, do you feel like your employees nod and smile because you’re their boss?

It’s become more important than ever to keep hiring processes unbiased. To ensure that your hiring teams are hiring the right people, Humi has introduced anonymous comments in interview guides.

This means that hiring teams won’t be able to see other team members’ comments until they submit their own and no names will be attached to comments to keep the interview feedback honest and transparent. 

5. Customize guides that you’ll actually use.

Having the ability to customize the interview experience for each position means creating templated role-specific questions in comparison to generic ones across the board. This is a great way to put intentional questions together up front so you can spend your time with candidates to really listen to and understand what they’re sharing. 

Want to learn more about Interview Guides? Check out our Support Library for a complete walkthrough of all the great new features or check it out in-app.

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