Introducing the New Humi

Jun 15, 2020
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Today we're unveiling our new identity, and as you can see, it's not just a logo change.

In 2016, Humi started as a simple cloud-based web app that stored employee data. Four years later, thanks to the tremendous support from customers and investors, we have become the leading all-in-one people solution for Canadian businesses by supporting them in two other key areas – employee benefits and payroll.

Our product has changed and will continue to evolve to meet customers’ needs, but our mission will always stay the same – to make life easier for businesses and their employees. 

When we took a step back, we realized that our mission didn’t match our brand. Our mission is people-focused, yet our brand didn’t express this. That’s when we decided it was time for a new Humi, one that was a real representation of who we are, why we exist, and one that will serve us for years to come. 

Why does Humi exist?

Long gone are the days when businesses can thrive while treating employees as simply cogs in a machine.

Businesses need to act on the fact that employees are their most valuable asset, and healthy and happy employees produce far better work. A company's people should feel safe and supported at work and ready to be their best selves. We believe companies that take good care of their people will be cared for by their people.  And yes, we understand that it’s not an easy feat. 

We exist to ensure that achieving this feat is much easier for all Canadians. 

What this means for you

This rebrand isn’t about a new logo and crisp visuals. It’s the first of many steps that we are taking to solidify the commitment we’ve made to support Canadian companies and their people.  

As part of this commitment, we’ll be rolling out some of our most-requested product features in the next couple of weeks, starting with onboarding and offboarding tasks and a brand new training tracking module. Following closely behind these releases, you'll see a set of new time off features and time off reports, a new time off accrual engine, a custom reporting module, and a powerful time off to payroll integration.

 When it comes to the future of work, there's a lot to build. Going forward, we’ll continue to invest in building what Canadians are seeking. Because after all, we’re building this for you.

– The Humi Team

There's a lot behind this new identity – new logo, illustrations, colours, product experience, and more. See what's changed.

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