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Humi's Time Off 3.0 is Here

Nov 10, 2020
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Time Off 3.0 is a free update for all customers.  Get your company on the early-adopter list today.

After gathering feedback from thousands of Canadian businesses like yours, it became clear they needed more from their time off system. Balances were hard to understand, critical features like negative balance prevention and carryover expiry were missing, and most importantly, time off systems never really played nice with payroll.

So we got to work. We dug into business needs and hunted for solutions. And here's what we found – there was no time off system that was powerful (yet flexible) and met the needs of Canadian businesses, until now.

With Humi Time Off 3.0, we're changing time off tracking for Canadians.

Built from the ground up, the new module tracks time off accruals and usage to make life easier for all types of companies. Whether you're a startup with unlimited vacation, or a large multi-province company with hourly employees who need vacation pay tracked down to the penny, this is the system you've been waiting for. After months of research and planning, building, and beta testing, the module is now ready for launch.

With Humi Time Off 3.0, you can take advantage of things like:

  • Balances are easy to understand, with a "bank account" style transactions ledger
  • Admin changes to policies, adjustments to balances, etc. are incredibly easy
  • Accruals and prorations are accurate for Canadian businesses, as per the ESA standards
  • Reporting goes deeper, to easily tell you what your financial liability is for employee balances
  • Support for multi-province or multi-country companies

And that's just the short list. The deeper improvements include:

  • The option to track time off in hours, instead of days
  • All-new reporting that groups multiple Time Off Policies under a Time Off Type
  • All-new time off engine that will integrate seamlessly with payroll (the time off-payroll integration is coming soon)
  • Blackout periods to prevent requests in certain date ranges
  • The option to set a max balance cap, in addition to year end balance cap
  • The ability to limit request length, min or max
  • Far superior policy switching logic
  • Positive or negative adjustments to balances, at any time
  • More advanced approval flows
  • Admin disclaimers during employee requests
  • And more...

Here's a sneak peek of some of the new views:

Pictured above: An elegant new employee profile view

Pictured above: An information-rich company-wide requests-at-a-glance view

Pictured above: The new structure of Time Off: Types and Policies

Are you ready to upgrade to Time Off 3.0?

We're offering Time Off 3.0  as a free upgrade for all customers currently on our Time Off module. And we're ready to start moving customers to the new system today. 

To get your name on the early-adopter list, fill out this form. We'll be upgrading customers on a first-come, first-serve basis.

How to prepare your account (for current customers)

To get your account ready for the new structure in Time Off 3.0, we ask that you group together your existing 'Leave Types' by display name, where desired.

Watch this handy video for a walkthrough of how to prepare your account:

More resources

Want to learn more about the new module? Check out our Support Library for a complete walkthrough of all the great new features.

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