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KinHR is now People by Wagepoint

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Humi KinHR
Robust recruiting module to enable your hiring practice
User-friendly core HR platform and employee database
Create accurate employee schedules Offered through Ameego
Integrates with major POS systems Offered through Ameego
Time tracking
Track, approve, and report on hours worked Offered by Wagepoint
Time Off
Employee paid time off and vacation tracking
Create multiple approval levels and workflows when approving time off
Housed within the same platform
Benefits Plus: skip the admin work with an integrated benefits management experience
Marketplace offering exclusive pricing to various providers to enhance employees’ well-being
Get auto-generated and custom HR reports to gain company and employee insights
Conduct one-on-one reviews, 360 feedback, and more within the platform
Built-in payroll module to reduce payroll reporting errors, eliminate platform switching, and duplicate entry that comes with having a separate payroll vendor Offered by Wagepoint
Built for the Canadian market, working with Canadian legislation and laws Offered by Wagepoint

A user-friendly, all-in-one HRIS software solution

While KinHR helps keep HR information in one user-friendly place, we believe you deserve a robust platform that is readily available to help you streamline all of your people operation processes. Wagepoint offers payroll and time tracking solutions, but feature integrations are unclear as these two businesses work through how to merge their feature offerings together. Humi’s built-in payroll module has been around for years and continues to build on its functionality for a seamless experience.

A one-stop-shop for the whole employee lifecycle

Start with the modules you need and add more as your business grows: recruit and onboard new hires with ease, stay on top of schedules with time off, scheduling, and time tracking tools, empower and engage your employees with performance management, and pay your staff using payroll software built for the Canadian market. Provide quality benefits your employees actually want, and get access to the Humi Marketplace for exclusive pricing from partner health, legal, and financial providers.

Canadian software for Canadian businesses

KinHR is an American company built to support general HR needs not specific to Canadian companies’ unique challenges. Humi is one hub for all of your HR, payroll, insurance, and benefits needs. Securely store all of your sensitive employee data in Canada and never miss a beat on Canadian-specific people operation needs.


A true all-in-one software for HR, payroll, and benefits


Built with Canadian businesses in mind – Humi is the solution for Canadian-specific needs when it comes to payroll and time-off

Exclusive deals

Get access to Humi Marketplace for exclusive pricing from partner health, legal, and financial providers when you become a client

HR Software
Your single source of truth, for everything.

Say goodbye to dual entry and simplify the tedious tasks, then focus on growing your business and taking good care of your people.

Employee Management
Time Off & Vacation Tracking
Employee Onboarding
Performance Management
Training Tracker
Asset Tracker
Employee Database
Controlled access based on user roles and permissions

Give the right people access to the right information. With roles and permissions, you can manage who sees what information so that sensitive data is shown only to those who need it. New employees will love the ability to see high-level info about your whole team at a glance so that they can put names to faces on day one.

Time Off
Spend less time on time off.

Tracking vacation or sick days doesn’t have to be a messy, disorganized, paper-based process. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was one system where employees could quickly request time off? With Humi, you can make requesting time off simple (with no approval required) or support a complex approval structure with multiple stakeholders.

Digitally onboard new hires in minutes

Have you ever felt disorganized on an employee's first day? We did. That's why we built employee onboarding tasks to streamline one of the most important stages in the employee lifecycle, while creating transparency and accountability because all the people involved in the process can see exactly what needs to be done and when.

Develop your employees with a fraction of the effort.

Most often, performance reviews are an uncomfortable process without clear expectations laid out from the start, which makes assessment of performance tricky. With Humi, all aspects of performance management are beautifully integrated, from goals, to reviews, to feedback and more.

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Turn employee data into actionable insights.

It's nice to put zero work in and get something great out. That's what Humi's default HR reporting provides -- beautiful charts that give you key insights into things like headcount history, additions, and terminations. Every chart can be filterable by date, department, and more. Export any chart to raw CSV data in a single click.

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Find and recruit top talent.

These days, there are about a hundred ways to post jobs and track applicants. This makes working on the hiring team hard, and can even make your company look disorganized. Humi unifies all applicant tracking: create your job board, add hiring managers right from the Humi, share posts to LinkedIn and Indeed, and sleep easy knowing your recruiting is under control.

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Training Tracker
Track employee training, easily.

Employee training tracking isn’t fun – it’s another spreadsheet, a bunch of calendar reminders, and missing reports. But it's still important. That's why we built Employee Training Tracker. Track and store employee training information, all while keeping employees accountable to complete the training.

Explore Training Tracker
Asset Tracker
Stay on top of your company assets.

Track company computers, keycards, phones, and more, all side by side with the rest of your HR data. With Asset Tracker, you can assign company assets to employee profiles and keep the data next to other important employee information.

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Humi is Canada's leading HR, payroll, insurance, and benefits solution for businesses across Canada. Committed to uplifting Canadian businesses (like yours!), Humi supports and enables them to take better care of their most important asset: their people. Before Humi, there was no truly unified solution that tied together all of the intricacies of employment for Canadian small to medium sized businesses. Beyond being a user-friendly HR software solution, Humi also offers resources including blogs, webinars, and more to your HR team. And, whenever questions arise, our support team, staffed with real people, are here to help

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