How Humi’s Managed Payroll service makes running payroll stress-free

May 1, 2023
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It’s no secret that payroll administration can oftentimes be stressful, even for seasoned payroll professionals. And, for non-payroll professionals who’ve been tasked to run payroll for their business, this responsibility can be even more overwhelming – there are deadlines to meet, regulations to follow, records to maintain, and more!

For those in need of more than just a payroll software, let Humi’s Managed Payroll service be the solution to your payroll worries. Our team of Payroll Compliance Professional (PCP) certified representatives are here to be your full-time payroll administrator, running your payroll smoothly to stay compliant while paying your employees on time, every time.

How does Humi’s Managed Payroll help your business?

Save time with payroll tasks taken care of.

From getting your payroll account with Humi set up properly, to running payroll, to maintaining accurate records – we’ll take care of it all so that you can say goodbye to time-consuming payroll tasks and get back to focusing on taking good care of your people. 

Enjoy a seamless onboarding, where we’ll ask questions tailored to your business and set up your payroll information (think: year-to-dates, income types, benefits and deductions, and workers’ compensation rates) to ensure a smooth payroll processing experience.

There’s a lot that goes into paying your employees. When it comes time to payroll processing, we’ll:

  • Balance, process, and reconcile payroll
  • Calculate stat pay
  • Handle reporting, CRA tax remittances, and adjustments
  • Calculate and remit EPT/EHT
  • Calculate salary prorations
  • Run off-cycle payrolls

For terminated employees, we’ll be there to issue and submit their Record of Employment (ROE) to Service Canada.

Make the year-end tax season a breeze.

Let us take the stress away during the year-end tax season. Your certified payroll representative will handle year-end reconciliation, creating and filing T4s with the CRA, and emailing T4s to your employees. And, we’ll ensure you’re properly set up for the new year by reviewing any schedule or remittance changes for your business.

Rest easy knowing you’re following payroll best practices and regulations.

Lean on your certified payroll representative to help you navigate payroll challenges and be your go-to expert on all things payroll! We’ll be there to answer your questions and provide consultation on Canada-specific regulations. Pair that with ongoing benefits and payroll change audits, and you can relax knowing we have best practices and compliance top of mind and implemented for your business.

Ready to stress less about payroll? Reach out to our customer success team to learn more. Not yet a Humi client? Book a demo today!

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