Five ways that Humi makes recruiting easier

May 16, 2023
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Do you have the tools you need to achieve your hiring goals? We’ve invested a lot in the past year to make our recruiting platform even better so that you can face the current recruiting landscape and its challenges head-on. Here are the latest features in Humi Recruiting designed to make the most of your hiring efforts.

1. Streamline the interview process

Feel prepared for interviews, create intentional questions, and keep stakeholders aligned, all while simplifying the interview process! With Interview Guides, you can:

  • Create job-specific interview templates
  • Assign interviews to different members of the hiring team
  • Get organized using interview summaries and evaluation statuses
  • Remove interview bias using anonymous responses

2. Save time while finding the right candidate

52% of talent acquisition leaders say that finding the right candidates from a large talent pool is the hardest part of their job.

With Humi’s improved auto-archiving job posting questions, you can automatically archive applicants when they answer “no” to questions you create, so you don’t have to parse through applications that don’t match your hiring criteria.

And, you can search applicant documents for specific keywords to find applicants with the skills and experience you’re looking for!

3. Attract more candidates

Without creating a great talent pool, finding the perfect candidate can be that much harder. Display your job board where it makes the most sense, including your website’s career page, using an embed code. With a mobile-responsive job board, postings, and application pages, it’s easier for applicants to view your job postings and apply directly from their mobile device.

Turn on Indeed Quick Apply so applicants can apply directly from Indeed with just one click, and never miss out on the perfect candidate by receiving email notifications for new applicants.

4. Highlight important information in your job postings

Help applicants determine if your job posting is a good fit for them, and attract more qualified applicants. You can choose to specify both a compensation range and compensation type (e.g. yearly, hourly, weekly), along with the job’s location type – is it onsite, remote, or hybrid? A badge showing “Remote” or “Hybrid” will display on your job board and postings for those job types.

Do employees need to be onsite for work? An optional location field to add your job’s street address will show exactly where they will be working, with a link that opens the location on Google Maps.

5. Make smarter recruiting decisions

How do you know which recruiting strategies are actually working for your company, or where there are opportunities for improvement? We’ve made it easier to interpret your data to power your recruiting decisions. Now you can:

Ready to hit your hiring goals? Start using all the latest recruiting features in-app. Not yet a Humi Recruiting client? Book a demo today!

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