Humi vs. Rippling — Why we win:

We're dedicated to Canadian businesses.

We’re a company built in Canada, by Canadians, for Canadians – so we understand all the legislations and requirements of Canadian businesses in a way that global companies don’t.

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Why people choose us over Rippling:
We understand the Canadian market.

We're experts in Canadian payroll and benefits.

We have an easy-to-use platform.

Your team will actually want to use our sleek, user-friendly platform.

We provide great value.

In most cases, we do what Rippling does at a better price, so you get great value.

"[Rippling] claims to be a global platform, but they really have no comprehension of compliance needs in any location beyond the US."

We understand the Canadian market.

Being a Canadian business ourselves, we’re dedicated to and understand the Canadian market (i.e. payroll and benefits) more than a global company, like Rippling, ever could.

We have an easy-to-use product.

Rippling’s product is complex and can take time to set up, learn, and navigate, which is daunting and overwhelming for admins. Humi offers an intuitive, user-friendly solution that your employees will adopt in no time.

We provide great value.

Rippling offers many product customizations that often mean a higher price point. We try to be cost-effective while still providing great value with our plans, and more often than not, we’ll be more affordable than Rippling.

Something to consider...

We’ll be the first to tell you: Rippling is built for enterprise companies, whereas our product is built to support small and medium sized Canadian businesses. While they might have deeper functionality, we offer a better user experience with more flexibility.

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Humi Rippling
Housed with benefits and HR
Works with Canadian legislation and laws
Dedicated to Canadian market
Housed with payroll and HR
In-house brokerage built for Canadian market
Benefits Plus service
Marketplace with exclusive pricing on additional health, legal, and financial providers
Create employee schedules Offered through Ameego
Integration with major POS systems Offered through Ameego
Time Tracking
Track, approve, and report on hours worked
Anonymous surveys, 1:1 reviews, flexible review formats